Faltu 29th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu 29th January 2023 Written Update by Amena

Faltu 29th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with nurse saying doctor will give you anaesthesia now. Faltu lies down. Ayaan says you are scolding me, why, I just wanted to help Faltu, there would be some reason that she wants to run away from me, I was going mad thinking why, now I understand what type of people are you, why do you hate me, who gave you this right to talk to me in this way, Faltu blamed me always, she insulted me in front of everyone, like I m teasing her, now I know the reason, you are the reason, you are thankless, I will never come in Faltu and your way. He leaves. Sid’s man sees everything. He calls Sid and tells everything. Sid says fine, get back to work. Tanisha says its good, Ayaan will get angry and hate Faltu.

Sid thinks I won’t let things get fine, I don’t want your and Ayaan’s married life to begin, I can’t lose you. Pratap asks Charan why did you do this. Charan says I did this for Ayaan and Faltu’s happiness, I want him to not pay for his goodness. Ayaan drives in anger. He recalls Charan’s words. He says I m mad to go after Faltu, Sid and Tanisha are right, such people are thankless, I will never see Faltu’s face ever. Ayaan recalls Faltu. Faltu also thinks of him. He meets with an accident. Her bp falls. The men check Ayaan and say he is alive, get him outside. Faltu imagines meeting Ayaan. He says I stopped my life to make you move ahead, you made me feel that its my mistake, I saw many dreams for you. She says you are misunderstanding me. He says I was misunderstanding you, now it will happen what you wanted, I promise, I will not show my face to you ever. He goes away. Prapat asks the Nurse is operation done. Nurse says Faltu’s condition for critical, doctor treated her and made her stable, we will shift her to ICU. Charan says we want to see her once, is there any temple to pray. She guides him. Charan and Pratap go. The men get Ayaan there. Doctor checks Ayaan and says we have to shift him to OT. Faltu and Ayaan’s hands touch. Sid’s man sees Ayaan taken to the OT. He says he is Ayaan Mittal, what happened. The man says he met with a big accident, he is alive, but he is critical, I got his wallet, I saw his Adhaar card, do you know his family, call them, its emergency. Sid’s man says I know his family member. He calls Sid and says Faltu’s operation happened, but Ayaan met with a big accident, he is brought here, they are saying he might not survive. Sid asks what, accident. Tanisha asks whose accident, tell me, I m scared. Sid says Ayaan met with an accident, his condition is critical. She worries.

Doctor says inform his family to complete formalities, we will start the operation. Sid consoles Tanisha. He says come, we have to tell the family. She asks what will we tell the family, will Ayaan stay fine. He says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Ayaan, we will tell him that Ayaan went there for Faltu’s operation. She says I have no problem in saying that I paid the money for Faltu’s operation, what will I say if they ask me why is Ayaan taking interest in Faltu, we can’t tell them the truth, promise me, you won’t tell them anything. He says okay, I promise, we should go to hospital now. Janardhan gets a call. Dadi asks is everything fine. Savita asks what happened. Janardhan worries. Sid and Tanisha come. Sid says Ayaan met with an accident, he is in the hospital. They get all shocked. Savita turns dizzy. Dadi holds her. Janardhan asks how did you know. Tanisha says someone called Sid from the hospital, Ayaan is critical, will he get fine. Savita says I have to go to Ayaan. Sumitra says Ayaan was going to office. Dadi says we should go to the hospital. Janardhan calls Kinshuk and Ayesha. He says Ayaan met with an accident, I m going with Sid, take care of everyone, ask Harsh and Govind to come there. Kinshuk says okay. Savita says take me along, I want to come. He says I have to go and see what happened. Sid asks Tanisha to say it. Tanisha says I know why Ayaan go there, he went to meet Faltu. Nurses talk about Ayaan’s operation. Faltu hears this and reacts.

Faltu meets Ayaan. She cries talking to him. She apologizes to him. She confesses love to him. Ayaan wakes up and looks at her.

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