Gathbandhan 12th November 2019 Written Update

Gathbandhan 12th November 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Gathbandhan 12th November 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Raghu glares at Akshay, he leaves. Raghu tells fake Mai that I will protect you, go and rest. She leaves. Raghu says our plan is working.

Akshay grabs the fake Mai. Dhanak and Raghu see them and act like fighting. Dhanak shouts that Akshay will stay here, he is a nice person. Raghu says I won’t let him stay here.

Dhanak sets the table. Raghu comes there and hugs her. She says anyone can see. Raghu says we are tensed but we can take some time for romance. He caresses her faces. Kalavati comes there so Raghu acts like scolding Dhanak. Kalavati says you are so nice but you didn’t get a good wife. She thinks soon he will die and will be free. Raghu thinks soon Mai will be with us.

Scene 2
Kalavati looks at Mai’s sarees and things, she says these are expensive, I am in heaven now, Akshay tried to fool me but now he is out of the picture.

Dhanak shows the video of fake Mai to Saku. Saku says she looks like Mai. Where is our Mai? Dhanak says be calm, that woman is clever, you have to keep an eye on her and see what she does.

Kalavati says that Akshay is gone. First I have to handle and finish that Mai then I will make Dhanak leave this house as Raghu is on my hand. Saku hides and listens to all that. Kalavati sees her and grabs her. She makes her unconscious and says I have to do something about Savitri.

Akshay thinks that I will use real Savitri Mai to get what I want. He comes outside Raghu’s house and hits the guard with a stick. Guard faints and Akshay takes his uniform and goes into the house.

Raghu tells Dhanak that Akshay will try to enter the house but our guard will follow him. We will keep an eye on Akshay too. He will go to the real Mai and we will go behind him.

Akshay enters the house so Raghu hides and follows him.

Kalavati takes the gun and says soon I will become the queen of this wealth.

PRECAP- Kalavati comes to Savitri Mai and says that you are going to die as I don’t need you anymore.

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