Gathbandhan 13th November 2019 Written Update

Gathbandhan 13th November 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Gathbandhan 13th November 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dhanak tells Sejal that I have to find Saku. She comes to Kalavati’s room and looks around. She sees her feet peeking out from behind the sofa. She goes there and sees Saku lying unconscious. She wakes her up. Saku says I won’t spare that woman, she said that she will kill our Mai. Dhanak asks her to calm down.
Kalavati is going towards Mai’s room. Akshay is going there too. Dhanak and Saku hide and follow Kalavati while Raghu is following Akshay.
Kalavati comes to a room and locks it from inside. Dhanak and Saku come there. Dhanak says it can be a trap but Saku goes inside with her. Kalavati comes out of the room and locks Dhanak and Saku inside. She leaves from there.

Kalavati comes to Mai’s room in the basement. She glares at her.

Raghu is following Akshay but he fools him and leaves.

Kalavati tells Savitri that I have to take your place in your house so you have to die and I will throw Dhanak out of the house and will take over Raghu’s power. She hears someone coming and hides. Akshay comes there and grabs Mai. He says that you are my pawn and I will use you to get Dhanak, I have to take you from here alive. The flashback shows how Kalavati had taken Mai’s place so Akshay is taking her. Akshay comes out of the room but Raghu and Dhanak stop him. All rush to Mai thinking she is the real one. Raghu grabs Akshay and says I threw you out of the house because I knew you would come for my Mai. Why did you? He beats him. Dhanak stops him and says don’t do anything wrong. Fake Mai thinks that now they think I am the real Mai so I will have to kill the real Mai. Akshay grabs Mai and takes a glass piece, he asks them to move back. Kalavati whispers to him that don’t kill me. Akshay thinks that this is Kalavati. Akshay tells Dhanak that this is not Mai, this is Kalavati, I am your friend. Mai says I am the real Mai. Akshay says listen to me, she started blackmailing me so I had to be with her but this is Kalavati. Dhanak says stop it Akshay, you have been doing the wrong act. Fake Mai thinks that if I make them that I am the real Mai then I can take her place easily.

PRECAP- Fake Mai tells Raghu that I am your Mai. Real Mai says that look at me, I am your real Mai. Raghu points the gun at real Mai thinking that she is the fake one.

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