Gathbandhan 23rd September 2019 Written Update

Gathbandhan 23rd September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Gathbandhan 23rd September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raghu aiming at Tiwari. The goon pushes Preeti in front. Raghu shoots somewhere else. Bharat shoots Preeti. She gets shot. Raghu gets shocked. Bharat thinks Raghu will think he killed Preeti, but she died by my bullet. Dhanak hears gun shot. She looks around. She catches Tiwari and slaps him. She asks where are Raghu and Preeti. Dhanak beats him. He says you will find them dead. Bharat swaps the guns. Preeti tries to tell Raghu. He says we will go to doctor, come, be strong. Dhanak says I won’t get scared of your threatening. She slaps Tiwari. Police catches Tiwari. He runs and gets stabbed. Dhanak looks on. He dies.

Raghu lifts Preeti and takes her. Preeti dies. He gets shocked. He puts her down and cries. He pumps her heart and shouts. He checks her pulse. He drops

her hand. Raghu gets back in shock. Dhanak comes and asks what happened, where is Preeti. She sees Preeti and runs to her. She checks Preeti and cries. She asks what happened to her, why are you crying. She asks Preeti to get up, listen to her. Raghu cries. Dhanak asks why isn’t she waking up. He says she won’t get up. She asks why, she is my good sister. She hugs Preeti and shouts. She says Raghu, who did this. She says Preeti didn’t deserve this death, tell me, who did this. Raghu is numb. She asks him to tell her who did this. She gets the gun there. She asks who did this, tell me, I will kill him and get justice. Raghu says I did….. She gets shocked and asks what. He says I did.
She says no, what are you saying, how can this happen, you can’t kill her. He says I m saying the truth, she died by my bullet, I killed her. She asks why. She points gun at head and asks why did you kill. Raghu says Pintu came to chawl, I asked Batli to follow him, you were busy in marriage, I had to reach Tiwari. She asks why didn’t you tell me and police. He says my plan would have failed, I tried hard to save Preeti, Pintu has pushed Preeti when I was firing at Tiwari, Preeti came in between. He cries and says you can’t understand goons and their thinking, you need a goon to understand them. She slaps him hard twice and says it means you are still a goon, your nature didn’t change, you feel wrong way is right, no reason now. She says you promised me. He says I remember the promise. She says you didn’t value it, I promised dad that I will get Preeti home, what shall I tell him now, that Preeti is dead, you ruined everything.

She says I will never forgive you. She hugs Preeti and cries. She says its because of your carelessness ruined everything, you were a goon, you are a goon and will always be a goon, you can just ruin homes. He sits crying and holds her. She says I end our every Gathbandhan today. He gets shocked.

He says don’t say this Dhanak, do anything, beat me. He beats himself. He says kill me, but don’t talk of getting away from me, you take the gun and shoot me, don’t end the Gathbandhan, I will die without you. Police comes. Raghu says I killed Preeti, this gun is the proof, I interfered in your work, sorry, arrest me, I m the culprit. He gets arrested. He says Dhanak, I m ready to bear punishment, don’t leave me, look at me once. Dhanak says I m witness of his confession, take him, take this criminal away. He cries. Police takes him. She cries.

After five years, Maai is seen going to welcome Raghu. Sakku makes Rangoli. She compliments Maai. Maai says you will see me smiling always, my life is getting a turning point after five years, my son is coming back. Raghu’s punishment is waived because of his good conduct. He is getting freed from the jail. Raghu is seen in the jail with a long beard.

Maai says its first day of Navratri, Raghu is coming. She plays shank and does puja. Dhanak also does puja in her house. Someone puts a gun at her forehead.

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