Gathbandhan 30th September 2019 Written Update

Gathbandhan 30th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Gathbandhan 30th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Maai and Raghu scaring the broker. The broker apologizes to Dhanak and says sorry, I can’t get a house for you. He runs. Maai laughs. Dhanak cries and tears the garlands. Raghu stops her and says I didn’t wish to do this, but you forced me to become a villain, I can’t let you and Ronak get away, its full and final, no discussion again. Dhanak says you are right, my heart melted seeing your love and tries to get Ronak, I will stay here, I did mistake in knowing you, I know you are a goon, selfish man, I thought you reformed after serving jail punishment, but I was wrong. She scolds him. She says I will keep Ronak away from you, that’s my full and final. Raghu says you are here and I m also here. Maai says and I m also here. Raghu says lets see your hatred ends our gathbandhan

or my love revives it. He goes. Maai whistles. She says I have to make Ronak my heir, I will welcome him, I will do his Rajya Abhishek, I will make don Ronak’s poster. Dhanak worries.
She says I have patience, daydreaming is bad since these dreams don’t complete, I won’t let it complete. She goes. Maai says I will complete my dreams, I won’t let Dhanak win. Dhanak goes and cries. She says Raghu, I have also gone through this punishment, I fight you and break down within, why don’t you understand that I m fighting for our son, don’t make it tough for me. Sejal hears this and cries. She asks why are you hurting yourself so much, Raghu’s support and love is the only solution, but I know that you and your reason are right, but I can’t see you dying every moment, I will do anything I want. Dhanak makes Ronak sleep. He says I m not feeling sleepy. Dhanak pacifies him. Raghu doesn’t get sleep. He hears Dhanak singing a lullaby. He goes to see. Ronak sleeps. Raghu hides from Dhanak.

Raghu hugs Ronak’s clothes and cries. Tujhse naraaz nai zindagi….plays…. He sleeps in the balcony. Dhanak comes out. She sees Raghu and cries. She covers him with the blanket and goes. Raghu wakes up and sees the blanket. Its morning, Dhanak makes Ronak ready. Sejal says I will make him ready, we have to go for Ramleela rehearsals also. Dhanak sees the saree and thinks of Raghu. Sejal says I have given all the clothes for laundry, I kept this saree as you have a meeting. Sejal asks her why would she do this, since its Raghu’s sign, even Ronak is Raghu’s sign, will you get away from him, wear this saree and go. Dhanak imagines Raghu. Sejal smiles and thinks this saree will take you close to Raghu. Dhanak gets ready and leaves. Raghu sees her. He says you have worn this saree and proved that you still love me a lot.

Raghu says I will tell Ronak the truth that I m his dad. Ronak says Papa and hugs him. Dhanak looks on.

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