Gathbandhan 4th July 2019 Written Update

Gathbandhan 4th July 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Gathbandhan 4th July 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dhanak looks at broken pictures and cries. She falls down and weeps. Mai sees her and thinks she can join pictures but the crack that I have brought in their relation will increase only.

In morning, Dhanak comes to kitchen and sees Mai cooking. Dhanak says I will help you. Mai says you make kheer. Dhanak starts cooking. Mai hides coriander and asks Dhanak to bring it from neighbors. Dhanak goes.

Dhanak comes to her father’s house and takes coriander. Preeti says Mai forgave you so easily? There must be something fishy. They both come to Mai’s house. Mai says you brought coriander? Preeti says yes I came here. Dhanak serves food to Preeti. Preeti eats it and shakes her head, she says its amazing, Mai says thats great.

At night, Mai is waiting for Raghu. Raghu comes home and says you cooked? He goes to kitchen and takes food. Mai says your wife made the food. Raghu glares at Dhanak and is about to throw it but Mai stops him. Raghu brings food bowl and asks Aslam to give this to poor, we dont need someone with wrong intentions to make food for us. Dhanak cries. Mai tells Raghu that I didnt make food as Dhanak was making it, I made kheer. Raghu says I will eat kheer only. Mai makes him sit down and serves him kheer but it has glue in it. Raghu looks on and says this is glue. Mai brings food bowl and whole has glue in it. Flashback shows how Mai had put glue in kheer deliberately. Flashback ends. Mai says who did it? Maya says your new daughter in law doesnt want you to make good food. Mai says who could do it? I wanted to make good food for my son but.. Bai says I saw Dhanak in kitchen. Dhanak says why would I do it? Maya says you can irritate Mai. Mai says if Raghu doesnt eat food that you cook so you are destroying my food? You just want to insult me? You can never be my daughter. Raghu angrily leaves and locks his room. They all knock on door. Raghu opens door and shows them picture of Mai on every wall. Raghu says to Dhanak that Mai is my life, you can try anything but cant separate us, we have nothing between us now.

PRECAP- Dhanak says to Raghu that I want to rejoin our family, I will do anything you say. Raghu then jump from balcony. Dhanak says I will do what you say. She goes to balcony and is about to jump.

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