Ghulaam 16th August 2017 Written Update

Ghulaam 16th August 2017 Written Update by MA

Ghulaam 16th August 2017 Written Episode

Rangeela calls Shivani and informs that Sarkar wants Maldawali to divorce Jageer and marry him. Shivani is shocked and shouts how can it be, why he wants to marry Maldawali. Rangeela says amma wants to and Maldawali convinced her. Shivani says her love for him is pure and she will not let him marry anyone. He laughs and says he was joking. She disconnects call. He calls back and she says he loves making her cry, scolds him and disconnects call.

Jageer sipping alcohol tells Maldawali that he did not get an idea sipping tea and got it now, if she wants to repent. Maldawali nods yes. He takes out gun and Maldawali pleads to spare her. He says she has to kill herself or her dream boy Rangeela, she has to do it tonight as either of them will see sunrise tomorrow. Maldawali gulps liquor in a
go and picks gun. Jageer says fear of death can force a human to do anything, now she has to go and shoot Rangeela.

Rashmi returns to her room crying. Manmeet consoles her that he does not care what world says, he will not let his wife cry. He says when a person is defeated, he/she wants whole world to defeat to hide her defeat, Maldawali will try to defeat her and Shivani repeatedly. Rashmi says they should stay separately till marriage. Manmeet says Rangeela can stay away from Shivani, but Manmeet cannot stay away from Rashmi.

Maldawali asks Jageer if she can get 6 more bullets as she wants to fix 6 bullets in Raneela’s chest from her side and 6 from his side. Jageer says liquor is speak and not her, she should go and repent now, family does not want to see her face and if she kills Rangeela, they may forgive her. She laughs and says let the family go to hell, she wants him to keep her near him. Jageer says if she had thought this before, she would have to murder Rangeela and asks to go and complete her repention soon. She leaves. He laughs.

Veer calls Shamsher and says Shivani should die today. Shamser says he will, he goes to Shivani’s room and sees her sleeping with blanket covering her face, says she is finished today. He remove blanket and does not find Shivani. Maldawali goes to Rangeela’s room, wakes him up and says she will kill him and get a place in haveli people’s heart. Veer angrily enters Rashmi’s parent’s room, slaps father and points gun on his head and asks why did he come here, why did he fix camera in painting board. Maldawali asks Rangeela to do his hands up. Shivani rushes and pushes her away and hugs Rangeela, says she came on right time. Maldawali says she will kill them both now. She holds gun, but amma snatches gun and warns if she wants to kill Rangeela and Bahu, she will kill her. Rangeela asks her to drop gun. Rashmi’s father tells Veer that he came to meet Rashmi. Veer insists. Father says he will tell, but STF officer comes and drops bedsheet on Veer and takes away. Amma runs behind Maldawali. Veer pushes her and rescues Maldawali. Amma hits head to a pillar and collapses.

Rangeela calls doc and says amma did not open eyes since last night. Doctor says she is fine and will wake up soon. Sarkar asks Rangeela who harmed Shanti. Rangeela says let amma wake up first. Sarkar insists. Mameet says Veer tried to kill Rashmi’s parents last night. Shivani describes whole incident. Sarkar angrily walks to confront family.

Precap: Veer tells Gulguli that war siren has been blown, now only guns will be heard. He searches decorator’s room and realizes he is STF officer and shouts now his dead body will go out. Officer hears him.

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