Ghulaam 17th August 2017 Written Update

Ghulaam 17th August 2017 Written Update by MA

Ghulaam 17th August 2017 Written Episode

Maldawali tells Gulguli and Veer that she was about to shoot Rangeela, but Shivani pushed her away, now Rangeela will not spare her. Gulguli says she slept whole night inebriated, now she is worried, why did she dare alone, they decided whatever they will do, they will together. Jageer tells she is no that courageous, he told her to kill Rangeela, but she spared him and proved her love for Rangeela again. Maldawali continues crying that Rangeela will not spare her. Veer tells someone put cloth on his face and took away Rashmi’s parents swiftly. Gulguli says it must be Manmeet. Veer says no, he cannot be so swift. Gulguli says then Rangeela called rivals here. Sarkar comes and scolds Maldawali how dare she is to try to shoot Rangeela. Maldawali apologizes. Gulguli says she was inebriated, so

he should forgive her. Sarkar says even he will get inebriated and point guns at them tonight. He then scolds Veer for misbehaving with Rashmi’s parents and orders to apologize them. Veer says he saw how they were spying with camera. Sarkar says he enquired about them and they are innocent people and warns again to apologize them. Gulguli says Veer is sarpanch now and should not be insulted like this. Sarkar angrily walks out.
Shanti amma wakes up. Rangeela gets happy and calls Shivani and others. Shivani, Manmeet, and Rashmi enter. Shanti asks if he is Rangeela, he grew up so big. Rangela says amma is cured now and he was waiting for this day since long. He introduces Shivani and Rashmi says Shivani is her would be bahu. Rangeela introduces Manmeeet as Sarkar’s son and he is marrying Rashmi. Amma gets tensed. Rangeela says Sarkar has changed and himself brought her here.

Veer tells Gulguli that he will kick Sarkar out this time instead of going out and will destroy everything. He says he is confused who rescued Rashmi’s parents. Gulguli says decorator has come from Delhi and Mameet introduced him to her.

Shivani takes care of Shanti and gives hermedicine. Shanti asks why she is smiling. Shivani says she took medicine easily, earlier she used to run for 1 hour, she used to give her ice cream. Shanti says she troubled them a lot. Shivani says they enjoyed a lot and danced wearing goggles. Shanti says she does not remember. Rageela comes and gives her new clothes and says he used to get her new dresses, but she used to tear them and insisted to wear old clothes, he collected them all. Shanti emotionally hugs him. Sarkar comes and Shanti touches his feet and apologizes. He says he forgave her long ago, but she did not wear sindhoor. She says she does not remember him remarrying her, so she let forehead empty. He fills her forehead with sindhoor. Their emotional bonding continues.

Rangeela gets STS officer’s message. Veer searches officer’s room and finds binocular, etc., thinks he is STS officer and will go out of Berahampur dead.

Precap: Rangeela throws gun in front of Maldawali and asks to kill her and fulfill her dreams. She shoots Rangeela and Shivani and they both fall on floor.

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