Ghulaam 9th August 2017 Written Update

Ghulaam 9th August 2017 Written Update by MA

Ghulaam 9th August 2017 Written Episode

Shivani’s condition worsens after smelling toxic fumes from Maldawali’s gifted flowers. Sanyukta gives her medicines and asks if she is feeling pain Shivani says she is feeling as if someone is choking her neck. Sanyukta calls Rangeela and informs him. Rangeela reaches and asks since when her condition worsened. Sanyukta says she was fine in the morning and then suddenly she fell ill. He asks her to bring his brought herbal concoction as he drinks it usually going on a mission between bombs and toxic fumes. He feeds Shivani concoction and she falls asleep. Flowers are seen. Rangeela gets STF officer’s call who says Rashmi’s parents are under doubt now, so 3 STF officers as cook, decorator and maid during his wedding. Rangeela thinks Veer and Gulguli will not agree, so he has to do something.
Sanyukta returns. Rangeela says he has some work and leaves.

Rangeela goes to Manmeet and informs what STF officer said. Manmeet asks how will they. Rangeela asks if he loves Rashmi. Manmeet gets nervous. Rangeela asks him to stop shying in front of his younger brother and tell truth. Manmeet agrees. Rangeela says then he should express his feelings for Rashmi, he is sure even she loves him, Rashmi’s parents can call cook, decorator and maids from Delhi then. Manmeet shies. Rangeela sends him to speak his heart to Rashmi. Rashmi in her room looks at Manmeet’s photo praises him that he brought did good by bringing her parents here. Rangeela on the other side gets worried for Shivani. Sanyukta calls him and informs that Shivan is fine now after drinking his concoction Rangeela relaxes. Mameeet enters Rashmi’s room acting as inebriated under drugs and holding Rashmi asks her if she loves him. She says if he someone asks like this. He leaves her and apologizes and asks if she will marry him. She says yes. He excitedly informs Rangeela over phone and asks to arrange even their wedding. Rashmi asks if this was drama. He kneels down and apologizes and says he does no have courage to ask directly, so acted as inebriated. She smiles. He happily hugs her.

Maldawali thinks she will get Rangeela after Shivani is dead. Jageer enters and asks what is she thinking and insists. She says she is thinking why Rashmi’s parents are staying here and did not request to send their daughter with them, they are up to something and should be watched carefully. Jageer agrees.

Rangeela informs Rashmi’s parents that Rashmi and Manmeet want to marry. Father says if they have decided, then he is also happy. Rangeela says then he has to bring cook, maid and decorator from Delhi. He agrees. Manmeet informs his parents. Gulguli says she will not agree for marriage. Manmeet jokes that she cannot marry second time, he is talking about his and Rashmi’s marriag and he will marry only Rashmi. Gulguli continues adamancy. Sarkar laughs and says they troubled Rashmi so much, it is their repention by getting her married to Manmeet. She requests Rashmi to marry Manmeet.

Precap: Shivani asks Rangeela why she is coughing so much. Rangeela says it is due to Maldawali’s given flowers, he will not spare Maldawali for trying to harm Shivani.

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