Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 15th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 15th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 15th May 2023 Written Episode

Virat asks Dr. Survase, Sai, and Satya to vacate the hospital first without informing anyone what is happening. He asks Satya to get commissioner’s chest x-ray in OT and make sure Siya doesn’t remove her hand even for a second. He goes to call bomb squad asking Sai to take care of herself. Satya feels jealous hearing that. Siya asks Sai and Satya why they haven’t started surgery yet. Sai says she is a brave girl because of whom her papa is still breathing. Siya asks what does he mean. Satya says anything could have happened if she had not been with her papa. Sai asks her not to remove her hand at any cost. Wardboy brings x-ray machine.

Virat’s team arrives. Virat asks them to evacuate whole the hospital silently and shifted any serious patients to the nearby hospitals. Bomb squad arrives and seeing x-ray says its a live ammunition which would have exploded immediately, its difficult to save commissioner. Virat says they shall try their best to save commissioner and takes them in. Satya asks Sai to go out and let him handle the operation as there is a risk for life. Siya asks what is happening. Sai informs that there is a live ammunition in her father’s chest. Siya says that means there is a live bomb under her hand, she can’t continue. Virat and others try to calm her down. Sai asks everyone to go out and let her handle it. They all walk out. Sai calms Siya down and convinces her. She then calls everyone back in. Bomb squad reveals how commissioner’s body will blast into pieces if the rocket blasts. Siya panics more and removes her hand. Sai covers commissioner’s chest with her hand. Virat shouts Sai.. in shock.

News channels throng outside the hospital and report what is happening inside. Chavans watch news and pray for Sai and Virat’s lives. Ninad says Sai and Virat’s lives are in danger. Vinu asks if he will be again parentless. Bhavani recalls Satya’s words. Amba breaks down after watching the news and fears for Satya’s life. Family comforts her and prays god. Amba recalls Satya’s words before leaving for work today. Satya scolds Sai for risking her life and says he already lost Girija and can’t lose her. Jealous Virat says Sai is a daring police officer’s daughter who risked his life many times, Satya will not understand as he is not from policeman’s family. Satya says he is neither policeman nor from army family, but his family members value each other. Virat tries fix protective jacket over Sai. Satya warns him to stop and let him do that. Virat asks if he wants to play husband and wife in this situation, he can his whole life once he gets out of this situation safely.

Sai asks them to stop fighting. Virat fixes jacket. Sai asks him to go out as their children need him if something happens to her. Virat says their children’s parents will be safe, etc. Satya thinks if he is comparing Sai with Girija, has he really fallen in Sai’s love then.

Precap: Satya tells Sai that he is going to make a deep cut in commissioner’s chest. Dr. Survase stops him and says they need to shift this operation somewhere else as this hospital and surrounding buildings will blast if the rocket explodes.

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