Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th April 2021 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th April 2021 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th April 2021 Written Episode

Devi apologizes Harini to forgive her and offers her teddy. Hari afraid shouts she will not come and tells Madhuri that she doesn’t want to go to her as she took her toys before and spoilt her hair. Madhuri asks not to say that as Devi is her mamma. Harini says her friends’ mammas don’t play with toys and act weird, Madhuri is her mamma instead. Madhuri asks her to speak to her once, she will realize how good her mamma is. Harini walks away saying this weird aunty is not her mamma. Devi gets panic attack shouting her daughter doesn’t like her and breaks things repeating to call Sai as she will set everything right. Pulkit calls Sai. Sai says she doesn’t want to talk about Virat. He informs that Devi has got panic attack and is calling her, she will be fine if she comes here. Sai agrees.

Ashwini prepares sheera/sweet and calls Mohit and Virat. Bhavani yells that her son and DIL are not here and she is acting to prove that they are not worried about Virat. Mohit confronts Bhavani that Ashwini is Virat’s mother and cares for him, she cannot insult a mother. Ashwini sadly says she doesn’t know where and how her son and DIL are. Mohit promises her to bring Sai back home as this house is incomplete without her. Ninad yells that he cannot find a job and earn money, he is acting as if he runs the house, he should find one proper job. Mohit says he will not find a job as Sai suggested him to pursue his dream, so he will pursue his acting career. Bhavani yells that Sai is teaching him acting and is ruining his life. Sonali backs her and yells at him. He confronts her and tells Ninad that if he stops working for this house, they cannot run this house and may have to hire a servant. Pakhi warns him to behave with elders. He asks he wants to know who are elders here. Omkar yells at him to behave. He asks if he feels he is misbehaving, why didn’t he stop Virat when he spoke loudly with Ashwini and misbehaved with her. He then confronts Pakhi that she speaks only when she sees her benefit or else her eyes and mouth are both shut.

While heading towards mission, Virat hears his subordinates speaking to their family members and calls Sai, but Sai doesn’t pick call. Sai reaches Pulkit’s house and asks what happened to Devi tai. Devi jumps happily seeing Sai. Sai reminds her to keep her hand near her heart and say everything will be alright whenever she is sad. Devi repeats and says she is happy seeing her. Sai asks her to show her house. Devi says she is very happy in this house as nobody scolds her here. Virat calls Sai. Devi seeing his calls snatches phone and picks it. Virat thanks Sai for picking her call. Sai thinks she doesn’t want to speak to him after what he did. Virat requests to speak to him once as he is going on a mission. Devi laughs and says its her. He requests to give phone to Sai. Sai disconnects call. Subordinate asks if he is tensed, he can share his problem. Virat says whenever his country is in trouble, he can just say Jai Hind; though his attention was diverted for sometime, he will concentrate only on mission now and switches off phone.

Devi asks Sai why didn’t she pick call. Pulkit calls Virat from Sai’s mobile and finds is switched off. Sai says Virat is not bothered about her, so he switched off phone. Devi says Virat cares for Sai a lot, he told he made a mistake and is repenting, he even came to take her home. Sai asks not to talk about Virat and she will go from here if Devi and Pulkit jiju wants to talk about Virat. Pulkit asks how can she go without having food. Devi acts angry. Sai says she will have food and wants Devi to show her house, if Devi doesn’t want to talk to her, she will go. Devi says she will not talk to her if she goes from here. Sai says she will reconcile with her again. Devi says she will show her new house and takes her to Harini’s room. Harini shouts why did she come here and pushes her away. Pulkit says bad manners. Harini asks him to tell Devi not to come to her room as she spoilt her color books and crayons. Sai says she shouldn’t misbehave with her mamma. Harini says Devi is not her mamma as she plays with toys. Sai says her mamma is ill and as a good daughter, she should take care of her mamma. Pulkit says Harini is a sensible girl. Harini pushes them all out and locks door. Devi gets panic attack again and asks why Harini calls her bad. Sai reminds her how to calm down and says Harini is a kid and kids take time to adjust at new place and with new people; asks if she trusts her. Devi says yes. Sai says everything will be alright and consoles Devi.

Precap: Pulkit informs Sai that Virat has gone on a dangerous mission and his life is at risk. Sai munching food and crying says she doesn’t care about Virat or his family. Pulkit thinks Sai is missing Virat. Virat incurs a bullet shot during mission.

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