Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 3rd February 2024 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 3rd February 2024 Written Episode

Savi tries to leave Bhosale house. Yashwant stops her and says she will not leave this house. Surekha is shocked and asks what is he saying. Yashwant warns her to stop her drama and dare not think of leaving this house; it’s his house and not a dharamshala that anyone can come and go just like that; she has married Ishaan and should follow it and not mock his family. Reeva shatters hearing that. Durva holds her. Yashwant says already Bhosale family is mocked a lot and he will not let anyone mock them again. Savi asks how will be Bhosale family’s dignity at stake when she shifts to a hostel. Yashwant says people will think we kicked her out of the house; Savi is no one, but Yashwant is famous and will be defamed because of her; she has to continue her marriage with Ishaan at any cost, etc.

Yashwant then scolds Ishaan for marrying Savi and then letting her go. He warns him to explain his wife and take her to hsi room. He then sadly looks at Reeva and walks to his room. Surekha then looks at Reeva. Reeva walks away from there crying. Ishaan tells Savi that he knows that his family is in trouble because of him, but he wants to fix things. He requests her not to leave Bhosale house; says Surekha recently got a heart attack and if something happens to her due to stress, he can’t tolerate it; there is a lot going in their lives now and if they can’t stop this storm, they can calm it down at least. Reeva and Durva hear their conversation from the balcony. Durva gets angry and walks down to confront Ishaan. She asks him why he wants a person who loves him immensely to go from here and one who doesn’t care about him a bit to stay here.

Ishaan says a lot has happened and he doesn’t want to mess up more. Durva says he really did and says he is disappointing his dear ones with his acts and soon he will nnot have anyone around him. Reeva asks Ishaan not to bother about Durva’s words. Ishaan says Durva is right, he has hurt his dear ones and deserves punishment. He requests her not to ruin her life because of him and move on in life, his pain will lessen if she moves on. Reeva says she can’t stop loving him and requests him not to snatch her right to at least come in front of him.

Surekha confronts Yashwant for his decision and says he forced Savi to stay here and is destroying family’s peace. Yashwant says if Savi leaves, their dignity will be lost. She should understand that Ishaan is adamant to support Savi and she knows that he will get what he wants, so he will leave the house with Savi if they let Savi go; though Surekha bought up Ishaan, Ishaan is Shantanu’s blood and is like him; he will go with Savi to repay her debt of bearing a bullet for him; he stopped Ishaan and not Savi. Surekha agrees. Yashwant ways Savi should stay here until she gets well; police commissioner is investigating Savi’s case and if Ishaan finds out that Nishi had organized Savi’s kidnap, their house will shatter into pieces. He says it’s her responsibility to trap Savi in her talks and force her to stay here. Surekha says if Savi stays here, even Reeva will stay here. Yashwant says he knew she will play a game and hence brought Reeva without informing him, he will not spare her if his family is defamed because of Reeva. Surekha says it’s a fight of rights and she knows she is right.

Savi misses her family. She looks at the sky and says her aaji, azoba, badi aaji, and Vinu dada are watching her; they can see that Harini tai put her into trouble by getting her married to Ishaan. Alka brings a turmeric milk for her and asks her to have it as she didn’t have anything since morning. Savi drinks milk and hugs Asmita emotionally. Alka comforts her and says she doesn’t have any value in this house, but she will try to help her as much as she can. She says she knows how a married woman feels alone even after being married and gives her and Shika’s example. She assures that she is with Savi always and asks her to trust Ishaan once as he is very reliable.

Precap: Durva and her friends bully Savi and question her character. Savi slaps Durva. Surekha watches video and orders Savi that she will not get out of house from today. Savi asks when she didn’t do any mistake, why shall she face punishment.

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