Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 9th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 9th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 9th May 2023 Written Episode

Satya with his family waits for Sai at the temple. Sai reaches with Sai limping. Alka aaji asks what happened to her. Sai says just a mild sprain. Amba asks Satya to lift Sai and climb temple stairs as per temple’s rituals as it will create a strong bond between them. Gowri taunts if he can climb so many steps carrying Sai in his arms. Satya requests Amba to let it go as he hasn’t gone to a gym since years. Sai says she will manage and asks not to trouble Satya. Satya notices her limping again and lifts her. Savi says he is a strong man. Amba laughs and says he was acting just now and is lifting Sai so easily now. Gowri cheers them up. Satya climbs stairs and asks Sai not to thinking him wrong as they will be always friends. Sai thanks him and apologizes him for Virat’s misbehavior. Alka tells Amba that she can see Sai and Satya’s love for each other, Amba is unnecessarily worried. Amba says she can see a love for sai in Satya’s eyes but not in Sai’s eyes for Satya and says if Sai continues to juggle between 2 houses, she may not fall in Satya’s love at all. Alka asks her to hope for the best. Savi reaches temple first, clicks a selfie, and sends it to Chavan family. Satya and Sai reach next.

Harini shows Savi’s selfie to family. Ashwini gets emotional and says Savi was staying with them and now in someone else’s house. Bhavani criticizes her. Ashwini says she will not understand other’s pain as she thinks only about profit and loss and right and wrong. Bhavani gets party president’s call who says she always talks about women empowerment, but her own family DILs are eloping from her house. Bhavani asks what does he mean. President says years ago Sai eloped from her house, then Karishma, and now Pakhi. Bhavani refuses is allegations. President says there is a news about Pakhi missing in the news paper and warns her that a good politician never gets caught and if this continues, her political career will end soon. Bhavani fumes thinking Sai advertised this news. Vinu gets sorry notes from Virat that his mother left him because of him. Virat entgers wearing a clown’s attire and tries to cheer up Vinu. Vinu doesn’t cheer up. Virat says tomorrow is Vinu’s birthday and like every year, they want to celebrate it in a grand style.

Satya and family perform pooja. Panditji tells Amba that her DIL’s steps are auspicious for her house, she will take all the problems over her and protect her son always. Savi goes to drink water. Bhavani walks to Sai calling her Sai Adhikari. Sai asks what is she doing here. Bhavani asks if she advertised this news. Sai says yes. Bhavani asks who gave her right for that. Sai asks if she can’t see Vinu’s condition. Bhavani says she and her DCP nephew will search for Pakhi, Sai should stay away as she is no more their family member. Sai says she advertised this news not for Bhavani or Virat but for her son Vinu as he is mentally disturbed and she will be afraid of Bhavani or anyone’s threat. Bhavani says she created this problem and is trying to find solution, she not only betrayed Virat but also sowed a seed of pain in Vinu’s life; she knows she is trying to defame Chavan family on Amba’s order. Sai says a thief thinks everyone are thief, Bhavani conspired against others her whole life and thinks everyone are same like her; she didn’t advertise this news on Amba or anyone’s order and just did it for her son’s happiness. Bhavani warns Amba that she is not her old sister to forgive her sins and is very powerful now. She throws away news paper and walks away.

Precap: Ashwini over phone asks Virat if he got any news about Pakhhi. Virat says not yet. He gets constable’s call who informs that they found a woman’s deadbody at a railway station.

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