Guddan 10th February 2020 Written Update

Guddan 10th February 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Guddan 10th February 2020 Written Episode

Dadi says breaking these things won’t bring anything. Why are you running from truth. Guddan says there’s no such thing. Revati says your pain is on your face. Even if you lie that you want to go from here I can see the truth in your eyes. AJ says I don’t care even if she’s in front of me. Dadi says your heart says something else. You love her. I am your mother. She is a part of you. AJ says this broken heart won’t heal. Dadi says I know God would heal it. Guddan will heal it. It’s my belief in her.

Revati gets a call. She says no we can’t shoot in Indore. Guddan won’t agree. Let me talk to her. Guddan says I don’t care. I will do it. We can stay here. I will show you that I don’t care anymore. They go back home. Antra comes in front of Guddan. Antra says you couldn’t be the DIL here so you became a dancer and came here. Guddan says I am an entertainer so I had to entertain in my ex’s anniversary. Antra says it feels so good to hear him as ex from you. He kicked you out of his life. He loves me now. He calls me his devi. He doesn’t let me sleep any night. Guddan says I know he hates but I also know that he doesn’t love you either. Stay in your dreamy bubble. You will fall from this bubble soon.

Antra comes to Guddan and comes close to him. ANtra says I know you asked me to stay away from you. But today was so good. When we danced. Can we give this relationship another chance. I will be all you want me to be. He says you’re right. Wait a second. Antra says he will fill my hairline today. AJ brings sindur. He makes a line with it adn says you belong the other side of it. Never dare to cross. Antra says okay fine but I will make him hate Guddan more.

AJ says my hate has increased after seeing her. I will never forgive her. Dadi says I know your love will take over your heart. Your pain can be healed by Guddan. I will bring her back in this house.

Scene 2
AJ helps a blind man cross the road. He sees Guddan screaming there. A man tries to push her inside the house. Guddan screams for help. AJ comes and starts hitting him. He says how dare you touch my Guddan? The director says what is happening? Who is this man? AJ says she is my Guddan only. How did you even dare to touch her. Guddan is dazed.

No precap.

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