Guddan 12th September 2019 Written Update

Guddan 12th September 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Guddan 12th September 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Guddan says shame on you. Antra says I care about my win only and your defeat. Even if i have to kill AJ. Guddan throttles her. Constables stop her. Antra says his death was so painful. This is my jackpot, your tear. This is my win. You will cry blood tears. Gudan says you have killed two innocent people who respected and loved you. You are a devil. Guddan leaves. antra laughs. Antra says this had to happen. this game is with me. I was there before you. You think the game has ended? It just started.

Angad’s funeral is being done. Everyone is crying and upset. Durga says Revati isn’t well. She hasn’t cried. She hasn’t eaten anything. Guddan hugs Revati. Guddan says I couldn’t save Angad. Please cry. I am with you always. Revati shoves

her and says you gave me these tears. My Angad has died and these tears are my life. You saved your husband and sacrificed Angad. He was my only happiness. This is why you weren’t letting me go so you could stop AJ’s wedding. You knew how important he was to me. You showed me I am your step sister. AJ says we are all upset but Guddan isn’t responsible for his death. She saved Angad. revati says where is he then? Revati says I am dead for you Guddan. Guddan says please try to understand. I couldn’t be clever like her. She left that letter ther for us. Don’t let her win. Dadi says I lost my son. But Guddan isn’t responsible for this. Antra is. Kaushaliya says try to understand Revati. She says I don’t want to understand anything. I am alone. Bhushan says we are all with you. revati says angat isn’t. Revati runs. Guddan says her heart is in pain.
Revati breaks things in anger. Guddan says hit me too. Hit me if you think I didn’t save Angad. Revati says you took everything from me. Guddan says I did so much for you, you think I was the reason of your pain then hit me. I won’t stop you. You are my life. Please hit me. Revati recalls how Guddan always loved her. Revati recalls how she ran Revati to hospital. Revati says please go from here. Guddan says I can’t leave you alone. Angad is gone. I tried, I couldn’t save your love. I lost. Forgive me please. Revati hugs her and cries. Revati says sorry, I couldn’t see it. I was in pain. I forgot you even married AJ to saved me. I said bitter things. Guddan says please cry but forgive me. Revati says in heart I have to make you feel the same pain.

AJ recalls Angad asking him to let him work in a restaurant. Guddan comes there. AJ says he isn’t in this world because of me. I am responsible for this. I let her in this house. Guddan says don’t blame yourself. Antra would pay for her sins. AJ says what was Angad’s mistake? He was a kid. Dadi says he was truthful. Angad’s life was sacrificed. Antra will never be out of God’s wrath. Durga says Laxmi saw Revati going out of the house. Guddan says I know where she went.

Revati comes to Antra with her face covered. Antra says who are you? Revati says I am here to kill her. She puts gun on Antra. Revati says I will kill her. She has to die. Inspector says stop Revati. Revati says she has to die. Guddan and AJ come there. Antra says this isn’t a game. You’re in a police station. Guddan says I will end you today. Antra says shoot me. Take your revenge. Guddan says no Revati we will take revenge legally not like this. Antra says are you scared? I know you’re a coward like your sister. Revati says I can kill you right now. Antra says go ahead. Guddan says please Revati you have to control your anger. Please don’t do this mistake. Revati throws the gun. Inspector picks it. Guddan says thank you. She says Antra you would pay for your sins. You would be sentenced to death by justice. Antra says someone else would be punished. you don’t know what is going to happen next.

No precap.

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