Guddan 14th January 2021 Written Update

Guddan 14th January 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Guddan 14th January 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Niya says what happened with me? Choti says what is all this? Everyone comes in. Aarav says you in Choti’s room and in this condition? Pushpa says what did you do? You have a wife and you slept with another woman? I can’t see something this wrong happening to a girl even if my son did this. Agastya says nothing like that happened. Niya says this happened with me, my dignity is lost, my parents left me as well. I will burn myself. Agastya says Guddan please listen.. Choti says I have to talk to mama. Aarav says she went out. Choti screams and cries, why Agastya.. She goes out and everything is over. Pushpa and Niya smile. Niya hugs Pushpa. She says our plan is working. Pushpa says see what’s next.

Agastya says please listen. Choti says everything is over. Sona says please listen to him. They all leave. Choti cries. Agastya says I was drunk. Choti says this is so wrong. I have to talk to my mom. Leave me alone. Agastya gets a call and says I am coming.

Scene 2
Agastya comes out to meet Guddan. He says you called me? Guddan says what happened shouldn’t have. I hope you know what do you have to do to get my daughter. Agastya recalls Guddan saying you don’t deserve my daughter. H touches her feet and shoves her. Guddan falls down the building. Agastya looks at her falling. Choti calls Guddan. She says where can mama go? Aarav says I looked around but she’s nowhere. Is she mad at you because you brought Pushpa back? We can’t trust Niya. Choti says I know but Agastya was drunk. He isn’t telling anything with surety. What id Niya us 1% right? I can’t see anything so wrong happening with a girl. I thought everything was going fine. Can’t find mama. Aarav says everything will be fine. Talk to Agastya, I will find bari maa.

Niya plays darts. She says why isn’t it hitting Guddan’s face. I want her out of Guddna’s life. Someone throws dart at Guddan’s face. Agastya comes in. Pushpa and Niya are shocked. Pushpa says I.. Agastya says oversmart? You think you can hide this from me? no more drama. If you want to do drama, do it in front of me? Don’t be shocked. Guddan doesn’t know your truth and she doesn’t have to. They are shocked. Pushpa says but you love her. Agastya says I have your blood, so I can act. How can your son be a saint? They are shocked. He says there are big things left. If you make a plan, accomplish it. Save me from that Guddan, she will make me a donkey-like herself and her mom. Pushpa says I should have known my Agastya can never go against me. I will get you rid of that Guddan and get you married to niya. Niya says we should hurry. Pushpa says Bari Guddan is our biggest problem. Agastya says I have kicked her out already. They are shocked. Agastya tells how she shoved Guddan off the building. Niya says so she is over? Agastya says yes. He says time to celebrate. Now do as I say. It will push Guddan to ask me to marry niya. pushpa says but how? Agastya says it will work. He takes Guddan’s picture.

Scene 3
Choti recalls everything and cries. The song tujhe bhula dia plays. Agastya comes. Choti cries. He holds Choti’s hand and hugs her. They are imagining it while standing at a distance.

Episode ends.

Precap: Niya tries to commit suicide. Choti saves her and says Agastya will have to marry Niya.

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