Guddan 16th January 2021 Written Update

Guddan 16th January 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Guddan 16th January 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Pushpa says what is wrong with you Niya? She breaks things in anger. Niya says Agastya slapped me in front of Guddan. He was saying something else to us. Agastya comes in and says you were slapped because of your stupidity. Tell her ma to control her emotions and language. I am playing this game and I won’t let anyone ruin it with their stupidity. Pushpa says we can only help if we know what your plan is. He says just do as I ask. Plan Niya and my wedding. Just wait till tomorrow, there will be a big blast. Niya says what is he gonna do? Niya says he’s your son after all. Pushpa says I am waiting for tomorrow.

Choti says to idol I know you will help me in finding mama. I have to talk to her, meet her. Only she can understand. I can’t live without her. I want her.

Scene 2
Agastya comes to hall and announces, my dear family. Everyone come here. Everyone comes. He says time to announce, my wife made a decision yesterday. So I thought to take one as well. I invite you all to my wedding with Niya which will be in 2 days. Everyone is shocked. Niya smirks and claps. Sona says are you crazy? She says it must be their plan.

Aarav says how dare you? You are leaving my choti and marrying this Niya? Agastya says did you ask your sister? He grasps Agastya’s collar. Arushi says leave each other. Aarav says choti is my sister, I can’t let you ruin her life, They fight. Everyone tries to stop them. Pushpa says I am happy with your decision to Guddan. I understand why you took this decision. Choti says what is happening. Pushpa says it will all be fine. Go and rest all of you, enough of drama. Pushpa says everything is going fine. Her mother is also gone. Aarav and Arushi have also parted.

Scene 3
Choti is worried. Aarav comes to Arushi says I am sorry. I got angry. This all isn’t okay. I don’t know what happens when it’s about CHoti. Choti and Agastya are made for each other. Arushi says I understand but. But what’s happening isn’t right. Aarav says I don’t know what’s happening. Arushi says something is wrong.

Sona says to Pushpa and Niya you two can never change. I know you’re are planning something. The sins don’t get out of you. If Agastya finds your plan now he will be so mad. this girl is crazy. She will leave you like she left her parents. You can’t understand anything. Guddan is so nice. Pushpa says shut up. Niya says enough of your drama. Sona twists her finger and says shut up. I love Guddan even if she’s not my DIL. You can’t part Agastya and Guddan. They love each other. He won’t pardon you and this lizard. She leaves. Pushpa laughs. She says she doesn’t even know Agastya is doing all this.

Choti hears Guddan’s voice. She cries and says mama where are you? I want to see you in front of me. She cries. Choti says I can’t give up. I informed police already. I will keep trying her phone. She calls Guddan.

Choti’s phone rings. It’s a man. He says can I talk to Agastya. Choti says I thought it’s mama’s phone. It’s the same and same ringtone as mama. He says why would it be in my room. This is my room. She will come back when she wants to. Don’t touch my things again. Choti says there’s something wrong. Mama can’t be mad at me for so long. I don’t know what is police doing.

Episode ends.

Precap: Guddan asks Niya and Pushpa whom they are searching for? Niya whispers to Pushpa whether Agastya lied to them. Guddan tells Pushpa like every time, her drama failed this time too, right?

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