Guddan 18th January 2021 Written Update

Guddan 18th January 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Guddan 18th January 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Choti says is worried. She cries. Sona comes and says you have to stay strong. You will have to fight. Choti cries and says everything is going wrong. I don’t know what to do. Agastya isn’t even talking to me. Sona says don’t ever trust Pushpa and Niya I am sure they did it. No one can change them. It’s their plan. You are too innocent. Niya and Pushpa are very clever. Keep an eye on them you will know the truth. I am with you.

Niya wears jewelry. Pushpa says wear this necklace. She says this is so outdated. Pushpa says this is our family necklace. Wear it on your wedding night. Agastya will be yours. Guddan will be out of this life. She gives more gifts to Niya. Choti looks at them. She’s shocked. She recalls Pushpa’s drama. Choti says this means she’s the same. They are making a drama I made a mistake with the decision.

Choti tells Aarav it was all their plan. Choti says I made a huge mistake by trusting them. I trusted them and affected my relationship. Aarav says don’t blame yourself. Everything would be okay. You will win. We have to do something. Choti says there is only one way I can fix all this.

Scene 2
Money stops Agastya and says I wanted to talk. Nothing is going right. Only you can fix everything. Please take a stand for bhabhi. Why are you marrying Niya? Why are you jumping fire? Slap that Niya and kick her out. If you don’t I will kick her out. Agastya says keep your advice to yourself. Arushi and Sona see them. Sona says he is talking so weirdly. Money is his brother, who talks to his brother like this? Arushi says he must be stressed. I hope everything fixes. Sona says I spoke to Choti. She will fix everything.

Choti cooks with Rashi. Niya and Pushpa look for her. Bari Guddan comes there and says who are you looking for you? Niya says your son lied to us? Pushpa says how are you here? Guddan says you thought I am an idito? I would trust you? I know you very well and know that nothing happened between Agastya and Niya. No one can harm Choti as long as I am here. Pushpa says yes we lied, what can you do? Your daughter trusted everything and decided for this marriage. Guddan says my daughter is innocent, I will expose you in front of your son. He will stop this drama himself. Agastya comes there. He’s shocked. He recalls shoving Guddan.

Guddan says Agastya beta I am glad you came. Your mom and Niya can never change. It was their game plan, nothing happened between you and Niya. Agastya says something happened between us, I have the proof. Guddan is shocked. He says see these reports you will know what happened between us. She sees the reports and is shocked. Guddan says these reports are fake you.. Agastya makes her wear her glasses. It’s Choti disguised as Guddan. He says you thought I won’t recognize you pretending like your mom? Choti says just to expose them. Nothing happened between you two. It was their plan. She just told me. Everyone comes there. Choti says thank God I found out the truth. I should have thought about and trusted you. But now I know nothing happened between you and her. You don’t have to marry her. Aarav says yes jeju say no to marrying her. Arushi says yes please bhai. DOnt’ marry her. Sona says yes. Choti says Agastya loves me. He will never leave me. THank God I found everything. Everything is okay now. Agastya says nothing is okay now. I will marry Niya. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap-Choti says now you know the truth, you heard from them, why are you being stubborn? He says I tried a lot for us to stay together. But you don’t have enough courage to keep this relationship. Niya and I will get married in two days and you will prepare for everything. Choti is shocked.

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