Guddan 19th January 2021 Written Update

Guddan 19th January 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Guddan 19th January 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Choti says I fixed everything. Agastya says my decision won’t change. I will marry Niya. Choti is shocked. He leaves. Everyone is shocked as well. Choti says you know the truth and their confession. I want to know the truth. He says you didn’t even trust me. You took this decision without even knowing my side of the truth. I want to be free of this weak relationship. I tried but you can never be courageous. He leaves. Sona comes to Choti and says don’t be upset. I am with you. Why did you trust them? Choti says it’s Agastya’s mistake as well. He’s not listening to me. Sona says something is so wrong with him. He was shouting at money as well. Don’t cry. I know you are strong. You will make them suffer for their sins.

Pushpa says you should have seen Guddan’s face. Niya says let me see my wedding dress. She opens the closet and there’s nothing. Niya cries and says my lehnga. Pushpa says someone took all the clothes. I know who could be behind this. Pushpa says Guddan come out. Where are you? Guddan comes.

Niya slips. Pushpa holds her. Guddan says get out of this house. This is my house. She says can’t you see. Guddan says they can never change. Sona says don’t worry about them Guddan. Choti says they are ex citizen’s of this house. Agastya comes and says what is this? Choti says they won’t live here neither would this wedding happen here. Agastya takes her to room and says pack my things and kick me out as well. Choti says you’re my husband, he says she’s my mother. Choti says I won’t trust them at all. They are evil. Agastya says but you brought them back. Pushpa says Niya pick things and go back in. Arushi and Sona stop them. Pushpa says are you crazy? And Arushi, how dare you? Arushi says this is Aarav and Guddan’s house, they will decide who lives here. Pushpa slaps her. Aarav shouts Pushpa ji.. She says you have gone crazy with that useless Guddan and her brother. Arushi says Aarav is my fiancé. She says he was, I will take thing ring off your hand. She tries to pull the ring from her hand. Aarav says she’s my responsibility now. If you ever dare to touch her again, I will forget you are her mother. Pushpa says you useless man, with no job. You won’t live your life off my daughter’s money. Arushi says at least he isn’t a liar, manipulator and killer like you. He isn’t a fraud like you.

Agastya comes and says Arushi you’re talking to maa like this for this Aarv? Aarav says so you will stand on their side? Agastya says you keep quite. Niya says teach him a lesson. Sona says shut up. Pushpa says you shut up. Choti comes and says stop it. Agastya says you messed all this. Now fix it. Choti stands there. Agastya says come on fix it.

Precap-The wedding starts. Choti gives papers to Agastya, they are divorce papers. Agastya is shocked. She says you decided to marry Agastya so I thought let’s be a part of your wedding How will you marry if I don’t marry you?

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