Guddan 20th January 2021 Written Update

Guddan 20th January 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Guddan 20th January 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Agastya says you will prepare for the wedding. Go and start your work. Aarav recalls how Pushpa insulted him. Arushi comes. Aarav says I really love you Arushi. She cries and says everything is going wrong. Agastya isn’t understanding anything. Everything is going wrong. Aarav says Agastya is just angry. Everything will be okay. He loves Choti. Arushi says why is he marrying Niya then? Aarav says he can’t see.

Pushpa comes and says I can see everything. After today, Pushpa says you will never meet him again. Come with me. Arushi says maa leave me.

Pushpa says I got your engaged to him because I was helpless. I won’t have let it happen. She drags Arushi with her. Aarav says leave her hand. Arushi says ma leave me. They hear someone playing songs outside. Everyone is shocked. They come downstairs and see Choti playing drums. Everyone is confused. Agastya comes and says what happened? She says I am celebrating. I will get my own husband married. That’s new. This was decided right? I will get my husband married to this Niya. So I must celebrate. Choti says you are all invited. And they way you said, I will prepare for everything. You won’t be able to stop this wedding. Agastya is shocked. Sona says what are you saying? Who gets their own husband married? Why are you two doing this sin?

Choti says he wants to get married so I am helping him. Sona says I will never let this happen. She says to Pushpa you must be really happy now right? Your son is ruining his life? Arushi says bhai Bhabhi this isn’t right. Please stop it. Sona says okay stay quite but I won’t let this happen. Choti says it’s out of hands already. I told my decision. This wedding will happen. I will do all the preparations. Haldi is tomorrow, so get ready. However wants to go for shopping hurry up. I will get haldi ready. She leaves. Niya says the day I had been waiting for is almost here. Pushpa says tomorrow is haldi then wedding. Niya says then Agastya will be mine forever. Pushpa says but how did Guddan agree? How? I doubt her intentions. Niya says yes it’s strange but who cases. Agastya is ready to marry me. She will know she can’t beat us. Chill.

Scene 2
Choti looks at Guddan’s photo and says I have to use your way now. How can Agastya change so much? Agastya comes there and says what are you doing? Choti says this is what you wanted. He says you never cared about what I wanted. What are you upto? She says don’t worry everything will be as per you want it to be. Get ready for your wedding. Agastya says fine. There’s nothing left. He leaves. Their theme song plays as they walk away from each other.

Scene 3
Pushpa invites Niya’s parents and says I told you everything would be okay. It’s Niya’s haldi today. She will be married to Agastya. All is happening as per his will. Nothing will go wrong now. Her mom says finally my daughter will get her love. Her husband says no one knows when things go wrong in this house. Pushpa says everything will be fine. Just do all the rituals. Niya is also getting ready. Let me arrange refreshments for you. Pushpa says in heart everything is going as per my plan.

Episode ends.

Precap-Chot gives divorce papers to Agastya. He’s shocked. Choti says you would need divorce to get married again.

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