Guddan 21st January 2021 Written Update

Guddan 21st January 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Guddan 21st January 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sona tease Niya and takes her wig. She says give me my wig back. Sona says I will lock you in this room. Niya falls. Arushi comes. Sona is about to slap Niya. Arushi says chichi please leave her. This all is happening because of Guddan and Agastya. Sona says I know they love each other. These are just circumstances. I can’t see them parting ways. We have to do something. Money says I can’t see all this. Arushi says yes, we won’t sit down. We will do something. Money says let’s talk to Bhabhi.

Choti is busy with the preps. Sona says looks at her, she is so heartbroken. Aarav says if Bari ma was here, this won’t have happened. Arushi says let’s go and talk to her. Sona says Guddan end this please. Please don’t do all this. Arushi says do you really want Agastya to get married? Aarav says would bari maa let you do all this? Money says Niya will ruin everything. Sona says come with me, let’s talk to Agastya. Aarav says we have to stop this wedding. Choti says this all is a drama. They are shocked. Choti says I need your help. No one should know this. Specially not Agastya. She tells them her plan. They smile.

Agastya is in his room. He is trying to wear his shirt. Choti says let me help you. He helps him put on his kurta. Choti says thank me at least. He says I didn’t ask you. Choti says I helped you getting married to Niya as per your wish. And don’t think I will kidnap you. I know what goes to your mind. I know it all. Agastya says done? No go from here. Choti falls on Agastya. Choti leaves.

Scene 2
Everyone comes downstairs. Pushpa does Niya and Agastya’s haldi. Niýa’s mom says everything is going so well. Her dad says I don’t truth this Agastya as well. Sona says I so want to slap this Niya. Arushi says only Bhabhi looks good with bhai. Sona says I won’t let this haldi happen. Money says but where is Bhabhi?

Choti comes out with haldi. She says I will apply haldi first. Guddan is about to apply haldi on Niya. Pushpa says you won’t do that. I think you mixed something in this haldi. Choti says I can put it on Agastya then. She applies haldi on his face. Nothing happens. Choti says see did anything happy? Agastya says why did you put it on my face? She says you saw what you mom said. He takes the bowl from her and Choti runs. Agastya runs after her. Pushpa says what is happening? Niya’s mom says see Agastya ran after that Guddan. Pushpa says I hope my plan works.

Episode ends.

Precap: Niya refuses to marry Agastya, leaving everyone shocked.

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