Guddan 22nd January 2021 Written Update

Guddan 22nd January 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Guddan 22nd January 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Choti runs. Agastya comes after her. She says you can’t do this. He says I can. He applies haldi on her. Agastya looks at Choti and their theme song plays. He puts haldi all over her face. Niya looks at them in anger. Her dad says is this what you called us for? We don’t think this wedding is happening. Pushpa says don’t worry please. This wedding will happen at all costs. Pushpa says I need to find out what this guddan is upto. She comes to the room.

Everyone claps for Guddan and says you made such a good plan. They all appreciate Guddan. Guddan says they think I am happy with this wedding but I won’t let any ritual happen. I have proof against them as well. Aarav says now you look like your mom. Choti says please mama come back. Sona says don’t know where did she go and why? God will fix everything. Choti says is mummy ji behind all this? Sona says she can’t mess with your mom. Everything would be okay.

Pushpa and Niya look at them. Niya says she ruined my haldi and now she will ruin my wedding as well. My parents are so mad. Pushpa says this wedding will happen. She says what if your son disagrees? Pushpa says I will kill Choti. Her mom is dead already and Agastya is on our side as well.

Scene 2
Pushpa and Niya come to store. Choti says what are you two doing here? Pushpa gets electric shock. Niya holds her and she gets a shock as well. Choti says what are you doing? Careful. She says gets them up. They look like ghosts. Pushpa says I am sure you did all this. Choti says I saved you. I am only doing what you asked.

Scene 3
The wedding day starts. Agastya comes downstairs as groom. Niya’s mom says he’s ready. Her dad says yes I am Niya comes fast and we get over with this wedding. Agastya sits in the mandap. He says haven’t seen Choti since last night. In sometime wedding will happen and we will be away forever. She loves me, she should stop me. Where is she? He asks Arushi. Arushi says I don’t know. Niya comes in normal clothes. Her dad says what is this? She says I don’t want to do this wedding. Agastya says what is happening? Where is Guddan? He says where are you Guddan? Choti comes. She says why are you shouting my name? Missing me? You are going to marry Niya. She says Niya what is this? You love Agastya. Why don’t you want to marry him now? Her dad says what is this joke? Her mom says Niya what happened? Her dad asks Pushpa what is this? She says what can I do if Niya is saying no. Niya is silent. Choti says heart keep thinking what did I do that made her say no. Choti recalls she was in the store. She said don’t even dare to touch me. I will file a police complaint and reopen your case. You both will stay in jail forever. Pushpa laughed and says police asks for proofs. How will you prove? Niya says yes you dumb. Pushpa says you will have to prove that I hit you with hockeys, fan, tried to prove you crazy, tried to drown you, kill you in the hospital. If you are unable to prove all this what will you do? Choti records all this and says I didn’t have proofs but now I do. Pushpa said what do you mean? Choti showed them their video.

Episode ends.

Precap: Agastya asks Choti what she did that Niya refused to marry. She tells him not to show anger to her, she knows he’s very happy because marriage broke. He says she has become smart. Both have eyelock. He proceeds to kiss her, but he gets a text message. He tells her that he has an important work and leaves. She says to herself that she also has an important work.

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