Guddan 23rd January 2021 Written Update

Guddan 23rd January 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Guddan 23rd January 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Choti shows the video. Sona says this recording is enough to send you to jail. They play her video. Choti says now do as I ask. Niya’s dad says you did this Agastya. What did you do to her? He says I was waiting for her here. What happened Niya? Who is doing this? Choti says tell Niya. only you can answer it. Are you under pressure? Niya says this is my decision, I don’t want to marry you. Everyone is shocked. Choti says Niya is bold, she can decide for herself. Her dad says come with us then. Choti says she has been living with us. She’s a part of our family. Let her stay here for some days. Niya says yes papa, please. He says everyone is crazy here. They leave.

Agastya asks Choti what are you doing? She says I know you are sad. He says you gave divorce papers. She says those were face. You know that. He pulls her close and says I am very happy. Choti says so am I. He hugs her. He gets a call and says I have to go for some work. Choti says I also have something left.

Scene 2
Sona brings Niya and Pushpa to hall. Pushpa says why have you called her us here? Choti says patience. She says I have a simple question and you have to answer it. Choti says where is my mama? Sona says answer her. Pushpa recalls what Agastya said. They say even we don’t know. Choti says let’s play a game. Choti says you have to hit these boxes with the ball. Sona says all the best. The ball misses. Choti says you lost on the first ball. As punishment niya will throw this bucket on you. Niya throws trash on her. Choti says Niya your turn now. She gives her the hockey. She misses as well. Choti says your punishment is to eat. Choti gives her daal. It’s very spicy. Niya screams.

Choti says next game now. She ties their feet Choti says now you have to clean the house like this. They keep falling. Everyone laughs. Choti says they are not telling anyway. Do you have any idea? Sona says looks like they don’t know. Aarav says yes. Pushpa faints. She says you will be shokced to know my Agastya killed your mom.

Episode ends.

Precap: Choti sees a video in her laptop where Agastya comes to meet Guddan at a construction site. He bends to touch her feet, but then he pulls her legs and she falls off the building. Choti is shocked. She thinks how Agastya can do this?

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