Guddan 25th January 2021 Written Update

Guddan 25th January 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Guddan 25th January 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Agastya comes home. A man in a hoodie stops him and says give me money or I will show your real face to everyone. Choti sees all this. She stops him. She takes off his hoodie. It’s Money. Choti says you were threatening Agastya. What’s going on? He says something between brothers. Nothing to worry about.

Someone throws a paper in Agastya’s room saying give me money or I will expose you. Choti comes with breakfast. He says I have work then I will eat. He leaves. Choti reads the paper and says money? Why would he do all this. I have to ask Agastya. Agastya comes back in. Choti says what’s going on? You’re hiding something. What have you done that Money is blackmailing you? What is this? He says I don’t know this letter. He leaves.

Scene 2
Agastya comes to a shed and says what do you want? It’s money. He says I want money. Agastya says I gave you already. He says this drive has all your crime. Agastya says I am your brother. Money says you took everything money wealth and everything. Agastya hits him and takes the drive. Money makes him fall. Someone else picks it. Agastya looks for the drive but he can’t find it. It was Choti.

Choti comes homes and says what’s in this drive? She plugs it in and sees the video of Agastya shoving Guddan. Choti screams mama.. How can Agastya do this? She looks at his photo and says how could you do this? You are a devil. You misused my innocence again. I won’t leave anyone. She cries.

Scene 3
Choti comes downstairs to Agastya. She says stop your drama. How could you stoop this low? What did mama do to you? Why? Because she kept me away from you? I left her and came to you. This is how you returned me for your love? I found her after 20 years and you.. He says I killed her. I don’t listen to my mom, and your mom wanted to make me house DIL. She says I am calling the police. He takes her phone. Choti picks a vase to hit him. Guddan comes in and says stop Choti.

In a flashback, Agastya was worried. He said this can’t happen. I don’t remember anything. I didn’t touch Niya. No one will trust me. Guddan came to him and said you were not at fault, this is all their plan. Agastya says how will I fix it? She said there’s one way. You have to expose Pushpa and Niya. You will have to kill me.

Choti hugs Guddan and cries. Choti says you’re okay? Thank God. Guddan says I did this to make you strong and make you see the truth. Agastya helped me with my plan and Money was also part of the plan. Choti says I am a sorry mama. I should have listened to you. Guddan says you should apologize to Agastya. You didn’t trust him even today. Apologizer to him. Choti says to Agastya I hit you. He says yes. She says can you forgive me? He says you are my wife. you made me lucky. I am not mad, I am proud of you. Money says we are all proud of you. Hitank says I am most proud of you. Sona says I am more proud. Aarav says me, Arushi says me, Niya says no, me. Sona says Guddan time to smile now. Aarav says we were so worried for you bari maa. Guddan says when my plan works, things are a bit different.

Police come in. Pushpa says I called them. Niya and I want to surrender. Niya says I know it’s not easy to trust. Pushpa says to Agastya I know you hate me and rightly so. You kept trying to stop me from doing these sins yet I didn’t stop. She says to Choti I want to apologize to you. I made a huge mistake. I could never see the good in you. You showed love can change anyone. Would you ever forgive me?

Episode ends.

Precap-Pushpa says I accept all my sins. I am ready for my punishment so I can come back proud. Guddan and Agastya hug her. Police take her.

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