Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 12th February 2020 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 12th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 12th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gudiya getting worried for something. Radhe tells Gudiya that he won’t be saved anymore and is going. Gudiya asks what happened? Radhe says his stomach is bad and asks Sarla if she is not affected. Sarla is styling Gusiya’s hairs and asks her to sit straight. Radhe gets up. Gudiya asks if he is fine now. Radhe says pain starts and then relaxes. Sarla says you have kachoris of everyone’s share and didn’t burp. Radhe says I have kachori as I was refused to get food by my wife and says she is trouble. Sarla asks him to stay with lawyers more. He sees kachori paper and thinks he had thrown it out. Gudiya says she brought it to make the ship.

Radhe tells Pappu that Mahua woman are difficult. Pappu says even Sweety. Radhe asks why you didn’t tell a word of sympathy for me. Pappu asks you also didn’t say anything. They hear Ballu talking to his wives and giving them kisses on call. They feel pity on their destiny. Radhe says how it feels when a man has two wives. Pappu says how can I tell, my luck is not that good and says only that man can say who has two wives. They laugh. Radhe tells Pappu that rules are changed now and tells that kings and gods had many wives. Gudiya hears them and misunderstands their talks. She says you also can have many wives. They tell that she is misunderstanding things. Gudiya says she heard that. She says if I get another mother and another bhabhi then…Pappu and Radhe tell that they don’t want. Gudiya goes. Radhe says she is gone. Pappu and Radhe get scared of her, thinking of Sudha and Saroj’s chapter. Pappu says we have to be careful.

Gudiya tells Sarla that her ears and eyes was not working properly yesterday. Radhe comes and says he has seen dream that he is taking them to mount abu. Sarla argues with him for taking her in dreams only. She goes to wash the utensils and cook food. Radhe says if he had another wife then would have given him tea. Gudiya hears him. She comes out to buy snacks and meets Manisha. Manisha tells that she talked to Pandit ji about searching boyfriend for her. Gudiya comes to Pandit ji and asks if her father and brother can get girls for their remarriage. Pandit ji asks if divorcee and widow will work. Gudiya says yes and tells that she is getting late for class now. She goes to Ballu’s class. Manisha says you made us wait a lot. Ballu says today’s topic is waiting, when we love someone, we wait. He asks Radhe, for what he wait. Radhe says wait for bathroom. Pappu says wait for customer. Sweety says wait for lipstick. Sarla tells that intelligence waiting. A lady says , waits for my son.

Manoj says accident ki waiting then only insurance will come. Manisha says she waits for her boyfriend. Gudiya says she waits for Amma and Bhabhi. Sarla and Sweety get emotional. Gudiya is about to tell that she is waiting for her new Amma and Bhabhi, but stops. Manisha argues with a lady. Ballu gets his wife’s call. Radhe and Pappu appreciate ballu’s sparkle on his face. Gudiya says she has surprise for them. Later she brings girl’s pic and shows to Sweety. Pappu asks Radhe to see what Gudiya did. Radhe asks Sweety to apply make up. Gudiya asks her to listen and asks where are the pics. Sarla comes there. Radhe drops the pics while talking to Sarla. Sweety comes after applying make up. Gudiya asks them to select second wives for them. Sweety and Sarla are shocked.

Precap: Champa and Chameli come to Ballu’s house. Ballu asks Radhe to save him. Gudiya sees them fighting.

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