Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 16th September 2019 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 16th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 16th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raju seeing Gudiya stealing watch, specs and radio and says they are precious for Bau ji. Raju says this is not precious and tells that asks her to get money. Gudiya says Amma has kept for my marriage and says if Police catches me. Raju says we are playing thief thief and not thief police. He asks her to go to Sarla’s room and check. She says she knows where Amma kept the keys today. Gudiya comes to hall and the glass falls down. Radhe comes out hearing the sound, drinks water and goes. Gudiya hides under the bed. Raju signs Gudiya. Gudiya goes to the temple and takes the keys. She steals the money wrapped in a cloth and goes to Raju. Raju asks her to show what she has stolen. He opens the cloth and finds the money and jewellery in it. Gudiya asks this money

is stolen, today it is here and other time it is somewhere else. She asks what did you steal? He says I couldn’t steal anything as I was helping you. She asks him to think that he has stolen the money. He asks her to get water for him. While she goes, he steals the money and when she comes back with water, he drinks it and asks her to keep the money back. Gudiya says ok and says this is the money which her family has saved for her. While gudiya goes to keep the money back in Sarla’s room. Raju is about to leave, when Nanhe lal comes there and asks where is he running? He shouts and calls everyone. They all come there. Radhe asks why did you come at this time. Nanhe lal says I was sleeping when Gudiya called and told about the theft happening here. Gudiya asks did you identify my voice? Nanhe lal says he got the call from Radhe’s shop. Gudiya tells that Raju and she was playing chor chor game and thought to involve the police. Raju says he didn’t steal anything. Nanhe lal tells Raju how he is not a chor? He asks Gudiya to tell everything from the start.
Gudiya tells everything. Nanhe lal grabs his collar and says you got this house to steal it. Gudiya says she has stolen the money and not him. Nanhe lal tells that he enquired about him as Sarla asked and came to know that he is in debt of 1 lakh 25 thousand rs. He asks Constable to check his bag. Raju gives the money kept in his pockets. Pappu asks why didn’t you tell me that you need money? Raju says you was tensed already so I thought to steal. Nanhe lal says he will arrest him. Gudiya tells that her bau ji will not file any case against Raju and tells that money doesn’t know where it has been used. She asks Radhe to give 1.25 lakhs to him. Raju says you are very innocent, I had taken loan from the money lenders, but someone cheated on me and now the money lender is after me, my wife and son. Everyone is shocked. Raju apologizes to them and says he is marriage. Radhe tells Nanhe lal that he will let him go as he is like her son. Gudiya asks him if Pappu needed money then wouldn’t you have helped him. Radhe says no. Sweety, Sarla and Jia also ask him to give money to him. Radhe gives money to Raju. Pappu asks him to keep it. Radhe asks Sarla to make tea. Raju asks shall I make tea for you all. Radhe asks him to come out of guilt so soon.

Sarla gives lauki ka halwa, Sweety gives lauki ki pudding. Gudiya gives him drawing with his name written and says I made it. Raju gets emotional and leaves. Radhe gets worried that money got less from Gudiya’s marriage expenses. Sarla tells that they will have less vegetables and cut down on milk. He says he will stop newspaper. Jia comes and gives 8000 to Radhe. Sweety brings her jewellery and gives to them. Sarla gets emotional and says your heart is of gold. Sweety hugs her and calls her Amma. Pappu smiles.

Precap: Gudiya tells Radhe that she has grown money plant. Jia and Sweety apply face pack on their faces. Sarla says they don’t have time. Nanhe lal comes to Sarla. Sarla says she was waiting for him. Nanhe lal gets surprised.

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