Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 16th September 2020 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 16th September 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 16th September 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sarla coming to Gudiya’s room and feels bad seeing her injury. She apologizes to her laddoo Gopal/God for punishing a good daughter. Gudiya wakes up and says you had beaten me and apologizing to your God. Sarla apologizes to her. Gudiya says you have to love me a lot. They laugh. Gudiya asks why did you beat me yesterday? Sarla asks her not to go to haveli. Gudiya tells that everyone loves her in haveli. Sarla tells that Guddu’s badi amma talks badly about you and tells that she wants to break her head. Gudiya asks her not to show her rudra avatar and says badi amma will become choti amma. Sarla asks what to do with you? Gudiya says you are getting me married. Sarla says even that we can’t do. Gudiya says it is good that marriage is not happening as you and bau ji, bhabhi and bhaiyya etc fight. Sarla says you love the person with whom you have a fight much. Gudiya says I love bajar battu. Sarla says he is your good friend. Gudiya says he studies all day. Sarla asks her not to trouble Guddu and tells that he has his exams. Gudiya tells that Guddu is stressed because of his mad brother. Sarla goes sensing dal burning.

Gudiya and Bantu knock on the window. Matai opens the window and tells that Guddu went to have mannat for Gabbar, from Bajrang Bali. He says it takes 2 days to reach. Gudiya says he didn’t tell me before going. Matai says he left a letter for you. Gudiya gets happy and sits to read, in which Guddu tells that he will soon come. Gudiya thinks his letter was too short and talks to hanuman ji asking him why didn’t he inform me. She says she wanted to talk to him, but he left. She says she is not liking this and misses Guddu. She tells that his pain is real and that’s why he went to pray for his recovery. She thinks she will not miss the chance and will meet Gabbar.

Harbheji asks Gabbar to have medicine and sleep. Gabbar asks her to call Guddu. Harbheji tells that Guddu slept and asks him to have medicine and sleep. Gabbar says even I will sleep, will play carrom in the morning. He has the medicine and rests on her lap. Harbheji asks him to sleep alone and tells that your wife will throw me out from your room, laughs. She says the girl will be a princess and you will become fine after she comes here. She says then you will walk everywhere and people will get shaken up by your fear.

She says haveli will witness the kilkari of her grand son and people will say that her son has given a heir to this house. Later in the morning, she makes an arrangement and acts seeing Matai. He says if Guddu would have been here, then he would have asked me to sit and rest. Matai tells her that today is the happiest day and asks her to be happy, says that she is looking like Gudiya/doll. Harbheji tells that Gudiya is a Panauti and asks him to keep Gudiya far from them. Matai asks her not to worry. Radhe informs Gudiya and others that some guests are coming in haveli. Matai comes there and give sweets to Gudiya. Gudiya tells that she will come to haveli, while Matai tries to tell her not to come. Gudiya calls everyone. Matai tells them that he wants to tell them something. Gudiya tells that she will go to her room and asks Bantu to bring the sweets. Sarla asks Matai to tell what is the matter? Matai tells that he didn’t come to invite them, and tells that Gudiya shall not come to haveli today. Sarla says I will make an arrangement so that she doesn’t go there. Matai leaves. Sarla tells that Matai must want to save her from Harbheji. Radhe asks what she will do? Sarla tells that she will lock the door.

Matai comes home and tells Harbheji that he told Gudiya’s family not to send Gudiya here. Harbheji gets happy. She serves halwa to Nanhi and tells her that she is worried. She says I am thinking to give double dose to Gabbar. Nanhi says then Gabbar will be quiet. Harbheji tells that Gabbar shall not see fire and asks Matai to make tea and keep in the flask and do aarti later after guest leaves.

Gudiya asks Sarla to open the door and tells that in Guddu’s absence, it is her responsibility to make sure that they don’t get in any trouble infront of guests. She tells that she can’t leave Guddu in this testing times and imagines him in the window. She tells that she has decided and no power of this world can stop her.

Saroj brings the bride and her parents to the haveli. Harbheji says lets go to the hall. Sweety eats paratha from the kitchen. Sarla catches her and asks her to make food and eat. Sweety tells that she was not eating anything and was practicing to chew. Sarla counts the parathas and tells that there is just 5 parathas, and asks her to leave. Sweety goes from there and come upstairs. Gudiya asks her to come to her room and tell her everything. Sweety opens the room. Gudiya locks her inside and runs out. Bantu asks Sweety why did you open the door and tells that Nani will be angry now.

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