Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 18th February 2020 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 18th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 18th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chameli telling Champa that ballu is hers tonight. She asks her to sleep. Champa says I will be awake. They taunt each other. Ballu comes to Chameli’s side of room. Chameli gives him something. Champa says she is dramebaaz. Ballu asks them not to fight. Chameli says they will play cards today. Champa says you have hukums. Chameli says you are playing with me and showing cards to her. They push Ballu on each other. Ballu gets hurt and goes. Chameli comes to him and asks if he is hurt. Ballu says he don’t know what to do? He says I am married to your sister also. Chameli says I like your honesty. Ballu says when you both meet, you start beating me. Champa gets jealous and comes to room, hits on Pappu’s pic, says she is dying every moment because of him.

Gudiya comes to Sweety and shows the drawing. Sweety says she is very upset and the sunrise is looking sunset. She says since Pappu left, the room is dusty. Gudiya asks her to make designs with her fingers on the dust. Sweety says she can’t hurt her fingers and tells her that Champa was very sad. Gudiya says we will make her sit in the call. Sweety says everyone will be there. Gudiya says so let her come to room. Sweety says we will call champa here, will dance and have party. We will ask amma to make something good. Gudiya comes to them and asks Champa and Chameli to come and have golgappa with them. Chameli says she will not come. Sweety comes there. Champa, Sweety and Gudiya go out. Pappu calls Sweety. Champa picks the call and says she is Sweety’s friend Champa. Pappu is a bit doubtful. Sweety takes the call and tells that she can’t live without him.

Gudiya and Sweety come back home. Gudiya asks Sarla to make some good food as Sweety invited Champa to their house. Sarla asks with whose permission? Jia says Sweety doesn’t need permission. Gudiya asks Sarla to go to room and tells that Sweety told clearly that Jia and you will say something. Jia asks did I do something wrong. She goes to Sarla’s side and tells that her bahu is not in her control. Sarla says if her friend comes here, then I will do tandav. Sweety goes crying. Gudiya goes behind her. Radhe asks Jia what did she get by lighting the fire? Jia replies him. Gudiya goes to Sweety and tells her that her make up is ruining. Sweety checks her make up. Gudiya says she means her inner make up. Sweety says Amma said that I can’t call my friend here and asks what I will tell Champa now. Gudiya promises her that Champa will come here. Sweety says I can’t call Champa here, going against Amma. Gudiya promises her that she will bring Champa secretly.

She comes to Gudiya and tells that they have to go to sweety’s room without Amma noticing her. Sarla takes the stairs. Gudiya says lets go from the door. Sweety comes out. Gudiya says Amma will not move now and says I will distract her and asks Sweety to take Champa to room. Champa says she is getting hide and seek game playing. Gudiya comes to Sarla and asks her to make bhajiya. Sarla goes to make it, but then she comes back. Champa says she will not move. Sweety says we will go by the stairs. Champa says your Amma moved it from the window. Sweety says we will throw something and then come down stepping on it. Gudiya tells Sarla that she had stepped on the papad. Sarla goes up. Meanwhile Sweety and Champa come down from the window stepping on the table. Gudiya makes the chillies fall down. Sarla scolds and goes down. Gudiya manages to take Sweety and Champa to room. Champa is shocked to see Pappu and Sweety’s pic there.

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