Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 28th August 2019 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 28th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 28th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gudiya’s brother Pappu sitting in the shop. His friend asks him to pick his sasur’s call. He picks the call. His sasur is in police service and asks why they tortured the guy who came to see Gudiya. Pappu says Gudiya fell on the matka and it’s peace fell on the guy. His sasur tells that he is sending people for alliance as he has given a word. He says he will come and talk to him. A guy comes and sells him CD. Pappu’s friend says today they will dance. Gudiya is playing with the paper boat and leaves it on the drainage water. Sweety asks her to play with paper boat on the terrace of the house. Gudiya says it is going on smoothly here. Sweety taunts her for breaking Sarla’s head who don’t let even a mosquito sit on her nose. Sarla gets angry and asks

Sweety to go and do her work. Sweety goes. Gudiya says my boat sailed through the water. Sarla asks her to get drown in the same water. Gudiya asks if anyone can drown in drainage and says you are stupid. Sarla scolds her. Gudiya asks her to give her halwa and says did you forget? Sarla says you will not get anything and then you will understand how manners is necessary. Gudiya thinks to have kachori taking money from babu ji. Radhe asks what work did you do? She says she is hungry and asks for money o eat kachori. Radhe says you don’t care for others, just fill your own stomach. He says my pajama is burnt because of you. Gudiya says it is good, as you will get new now. Radhe asks her to go. Gudiya comes to Sweety and asks her to give something for her to eat. Sweety stops her at the kitchen and says you will not die f don’t have food for a day. Gudiya goes to Pappu. Pappu also refuses to give money. Gudiya ties cloth on her stomach.
Radhe combs his mum Jia’s hairs and says he is worried about Gudiya’s marriage. He says her friends got married, but she didn’t. Dadi asks him not to worry and says Gudiya will marry soon. He says marriage can happen forcibly and says Phupha ji got him married to Sarla forcibly. Dadi asks what is wrong with her and counts her positive and negative points. He says he will go. She makes him lie down on her lap. Radhe says he will sleep after her marriage. He realizes she slept hungry and comes to Gudiya. Pappu is about to come to room and sees Radhe and Sarla coming there. He goes. Sarla asks her to wake up and eat food. Radha sees cloth tied to her stomach and opens it. He sees mark under her ear and tells Sarla. He says she is getting beaten since she was born. Sarla says what to do, she was born with such a face. He says he hope for a son, but she gave him daughter and that too like her. Gudiya turns and makes Sarla falls down the bed. They hear the music and says cinema started. Sweety asks Pappu to look in the TV and dance same way. They dance watching TV. Pappu says it is enough for today. Sweety says once more. Pappu says I am tired. She insists. Pappu says I am tired, don’t you understand that my sister didn’t married. Sweety says my papa sent 36 alliance for her. He says our marriage happened on this condition. She says it is good for you that I eloped and my Papa caught me and got me married to you. He asks her not to think that he did a favor on her. Sweety says my Papa opened a shop for you and tells that if she had become heroine then you will yearn to see my baby. She says I will tell Papa. He gets tensed and goes to her. She says you don’t love me. Pappu says you are my Aishwarya, Bipasha and Kareena. Sweety hugs him.

Gudiya wakes up next morning and thinks of her family members scoldings. She runs out of the house, collides with someone and again runs very far from home. A neighbor sees and asks where is she going? Gudiya comes to the big well and jumps in it. A neighbor sees it and informs everyone that Gudiya jumped in the well. They inform Radhe and Sarla. They come near the well worriedly. Pappu, Radhe, Sarla and others cry. The neighbor says she might not have survived. Sarla faints. Sweety and neighbors get worried. Radhe says I didn’t mean this by my words. Pappu cries and says I asked her not to talk to me. He says she left taking all the pain. He says she was not my daughter, but Devi…

Precap will be added later.

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