Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 29th August 2019 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 29th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 29th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhe telling that his daughter got mukti from this world problems, and says she was Devi. Gudiya comes out of water and calls Pappu. Everyone smiles seeing her. Gudiya says Bau ji..I am not Devi and says how to let Shamu drown in the water. Pappu asks who is Shamu? Gudiya shows the kitten and says she was going to neighbor’s house, when a friend tell about kitten fallen in the well. Gudiya says she is very tired and hungry, asks for food. They come home. Gudiya have some food and asks for more. Sarla says it is finished. Radhe says whatever you did today..Gudiya says I didn’t do any great thing. Sarla says we thought you committed suicide. Gudiya says why will I and tells that when she fell in the well, she saw the beauty of the well and also the passage

way. She says they all go shall and check where that way takes them. Radhe asks her not to go again. Gudiya hugs Radhe and says today I came to know that my bau ji thinks me as a Devi and hugs him. Radhe goes from there and tries to wash his shirt. Sarla tries to help. Radhe says his heart is sad. She asks if he wants to have food. He refuses and then asks her to make tea.
Sarla makes tea and says she was to crush Gudiya like ginger and says nothing happened to her in the well. Radhe says she saved the kitten also and climbed all the stairs with wet clothes. He says she is like you. Sarla gets shy. He says what to do, I think this girl will have food here. Sarla says samdhi ji couldn’t do anything. Radhe says today he is coming, already there are enough troubles. Sweety’s father stops at the sweets and fruits cart and eyes the sellers. They give sweets and fruits to him. He comes to Sweety’s house and greets Jia. Jia asks who has come? He says I am Nanhe Lal. She asks if it is Chattu’s sweets. He says yes. Sweety comes and asks him to come out. Jia asks if something is biting here. Sweety says he will come back to you. Nanhe Lal asks Pappu if he anger calm down.

Radhe comes there. Nanhe lal tells Radhe that Pappu talked to him angrily yesterday. Radhe says Nanhe Lal lost his confidence and feels pity on him. He asks how are you to say this. Sarla comes there. Nanhe Lal stares her while the song plays…roop tera mastana…..Sarla greets him. He says you are looking good in pink and asks if the flowers blossomed in her house. Radhe asks Sweety to bring tea. Jia comes and asks Sweety why they are talking without them. Sarla gives her biscuits and tea. Nanhe Lal says guy is coming to see Gudiya and says engagement will be done tomorrow. Radhe is surprised. Nanhe Lal says yesterday Pappu got angry and worried for her being her brother. He married my daughter on this condition. He says to tell you the truth, the guy was married before and his wife died in an accident.

Pappu doesn’t like the alliance. Nanhe lal says I am stranger for family though I am worried for Gudiya. Sarla says you are our family. Nanhe lal looks at her and shows the guy’s pic. Sarla sees his pic. She comes to Gudiya and sees her making mud Chula. She says today I will not break it. Gudiya asks her to make food in the Chula like she used to make before gas cylinder bought by them. Sarla shows the pic of the guy and says tomorrow is your engagement. She asks if she is sad? Gudiya says I am happy that he is elderly and experienced in marriage, he will keep me happy. Sarla is surprised and asks her not to do anything. Gudiya asks her to see her wonder tomorrow and goes. The guy comes to see Gudiya with his parents. He looks at sweety and thinks she is Guddi. Golmaal song plays…

Precap: The guy’s father demands 3 lakhs. The guy says he will marry Gudiya and looks at Sweety. Gudiya smiles.

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