Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 30th August 2019 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 30th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 30th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the groom’s family telling that they had told Chunni about the money. The guy Rajesh says the girl is not bad. Rajesh’s father asked for dowry 3 lakhs and many household things. Nanhe lal says this is your son’s second marriage and he is 10 years elder to Gudiya. Rajesh says he will marry Gudiya only. Gudiya comes with Sweety and sits. Rajesh thinks Gudiya is Sweety and agrees for marriage. He asks shall I talk to Gudiya. Radhe asks him to talk to her and takes his parents from there to show the house. Sweety goes with everyone. Gudiya asks Rajesh to talk to her. He asks if she is Gudiya. Gudiya says yes and pinches him to make him believe. He shouts. Everyone come there. Rajesh says he don’t want to marry and runs out with his parents.


tells her parents that Rajesh asked her if she is Gudiya. She says I told yes and pinched him. Sweety laughs. Sarla scolds her accusing her. She says you can’t see my daughter’s happiness. Radhe asks them to stop it. Sweety says why she is blaming me. Gudiya says she had no objection to marry him, don’t know why he went. Sarla says he liked your bhabhi and thought her to be Gudiya. Gudiya says you shall be happy that my bhabhi is beautiful and liked my everyone. Sweety says Amma is jealous of me. She cries and asks her to save her daughter from her. Sarla goes to room. Gudiya tells Sarla that it is not Sweety’s mistake. Sarla asks her to go. Gudiya says you don’t want to face me. She comes out and asks Radhe to handle Amma. Sarla comes out and adds him to add chilli in the chutney. They laugh. Gudiya thinks they are fighting and comes to Pappu and asks him to stop their fight. Gudiya asks Jia why everyone loves her so much. Pappu asks Nanhe lal to have food. Nanhe lal says don’t know why marriage is not happening. Pappu apologizes to him. Nanhe lal says I have to do something else matters will get worse. Pappu says I have seen you are using all your efforts to get Gudiya married. Nanhe lal hugs him and says I am thinking I am hugging my son. He says I can’t see tears in Samdhan and then says Sweety’s eyes and says he will get Gudiya married.
Gudiya comes to Sweety and asks her to see her saree. Sweety asks her not to show her else her bad sight will be on her. Gudiya says I can’t get your bad sight and says I have many sarees. Sweety says babu ji says right that what amma had to give you birth? Gudiya says coconut and mishri. Sweety laughs. Gudiya says you didn’t hear. Sweety says the result is wonderful and thinks Papa or anyone else can get her married.

Nanhe lal is in the police station and recalls Sarla scolding Sweety. He asks Chunni to bring tea. Chunni gets angry and says Nanhe lal gave him a menial work. He gets angry and brings tea for Nanhe. Nanhe asks him to clean the toilets and insults him. He asks Chunni to search Gudda for Gudiya anyhow as he has promised them.

Gudiya shows Gudiya and Gudda to Sweety. She says my Gudiya is beautiful as me. Sweety turns her face and laughs. Gudiya says I can’t get your bad sight, I know you loves me a lot. She asks her to play with her. Radhe tells Sarla that Pappu said that Nanhe told that he will do something. Sarla hopes he don’t trap someone to marry Gudiya like he trapped Pappu to marry Sweety. Sweety and Gudiya play rope jumping while the title song plays…..

Precap: Everyone get scared hearing Rajkumari bua coming except Gudiya who has a carefree attitude.

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