Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 3rd February 2020 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 3rd February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 3rd February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gudiya seeing ballu and thinks he is ghost. She thinks to act like ghost and walks on her hands. Ballu sees her from far and shouts chudail. Gudiya sees him and says he is Ballu Bhaiyya. She asks him to come out and asks why you was walking as a ghost. Ballu says he has the habit to walk in sleep. He asks why you was walking like chudail. Gudiya says jug fell down from my hand and that’s why I was walking like that so that ghost don’t run away. Pappu asks so you was walking like a ghost with blanket on you. Bally says yes. They think there is no ghost, as they misunderstood ballu as ghost. They laugh. They come back and gets happy talking about their stay in haveli. Ballu comes out of the bathroom. Radhe asks him to cancel his plan to stay in his haveli and says you shall stay here. He says you called me brother. Pappu says he called me son, but…

Nanhe lal says bhai saheb is right and says in some haveli. Pappu asks ballu to stay at his side of house. Radhe says he will stay at my side, he calls me bhai saheb. Ballu tells that he has to stay in the haveli only as it is his ancestors haveli, even if he loses his life. Gudiya says your safety is my babu ji’s responsibility. Ballu says you had said sometime back then my responsibility is yours. Sarla says when a warrior like Nanhe lal got beaten up, then Radhe is a weak heart guy. Pappu tells that they shall call Chakkar baba. Chakkar baba comes there and tells that he is sensing ghost smell. Pappu asks here? Chakkar baba says yes. Gudiya says there is no bhoot here, but chudail. She tells Amma used to say about chudail. Sarla asks when? She asks baba to get them rid of ghost in the haveli. Ballu tells that the ghost wears anklet in the haveli and describes whatever the ghost does. Chakkar baba tells that he will have encounter with the ghost in the night. He enters the haveli in the night. Everyone comes with them. Chakkar baba says nobody shall speak. He says the chudail came to stayed here after her marriage, she wanted to dance, but she was buried in the wall. Baba falls down hearing the anklet sound. Gudiya hears the sound coming from kitchen and goes inside. They all get worried and call her. They see Gudiya bringing cat from kitchen. She tells them that it is the same cat/shama for whom she had jumped in the river to save it. Baba asks Gudiya to leave the cat and says it can be chudail.

Later Sweety applies make up. Pappu comes infront of her in Dracula teeth. It was Sweety’s worst nightware. She wakes up shockingly and hits him with water jug. Pappu shouts calling Radhe and asks him to save him. He asks what she is doing? Sweety tells about her worst nightmare. She says shall I tell you something? She says what you said when I was hitting you with jug? Pappu says babu ji save me? Radhe is sleeping and says Pappu, don’t worry, I will save you.

Next morning, Gudiya tells that she had gone out to eat aata ka halwa. She comes to Radhe and talks to him asking if his feet is paining. ballu asks Sarla to serve food. Sarla says she made poha.

Precap: The ghost comes infront of everyone when the tantric does the puja. Everyone gets scared.

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