Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 3rd September 2019 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 3rd September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 3rd September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bua ji coming home and scolding Sarla as nobody came to pick her. Radhe apologizes to her and asks how was her trip? She says it was not free ticket and taunts him asking why he didn’t come? Radhe says train came before time. Bua ji asks shall I go with next train. She sees Nanhe lal going and asks where is he going? Nanhe lal says trunk fell upside down and that’s why he is going. Bua ji asks if it will be alright if you go. Sarla asks her to freshen up. Bua asks if I am looking dirty. Sweety asks her to tell what she will eat. Rajkumari bua says she will not eat anything until she has a bath. Radhe says he will get the hot water. Rajkumari says nobody will take bath with hot water and asks them to throw the boiling utensils. Radhe, Sarla, Pappu and Sweety

tell that Bua ji has become more strict. Pappu says I can’t take bath without hot water. Sweety asks him to bear for Gudiya. Radhe says yes. Sarla says she has to make food. Sweety comes to Gudiya and asks her to wake up, says Rajkumari bua came. Gudiya asks her to let her sleep to look fresh. Sweety gets worried. Rajkumari Bua calls Jia and tries to talk to her. Jia acts as she doesn’t hear her. Rajkumari says she will treat him with a bitter treatment and will make her fast. Jia says I can see and hear sometimes. Pappu gives tea to Bua. Neighbors talk that Bua has a school which she will give to Sarla after her death, but she can change her “will”. Gudiya wakes up and spits the water from the mouth to clean her mouth. Bua sees it and asks why she is spitting water like that and asks about her age. Gudiya says she is going to be 25 years in 40 days. Bua asks why you are shaking and asks her to stand properly. Gudiya says you are standing on the sliding table. Bua slips and falls on the wall. Gudiya asks her to play with her if she wants. Bua comes to hall. Sarla is drinking tea while Radhe is making chutney. Bua calls him worktheft for not getting Gudiya married. He says we tried. Sarla says we called you for Gudiya. Bua asks him to clean the house. Radhe goes.
Sweety brings tea for Jia and says it is drank by Amma, just a sip. Jia says it is her leftover tea. Sweety says Bua will come and says she can’t make tea now. Jia says she will drink. Bua comes there and asks Sweety to suffocate jia if she has so much enmity with her. Sweety takes the tea cup from there. Bua reminds Jia that she shall fast for 24 hours.

Gudiya is playing. Radhe asks why did you break Bua ji’s head. Gudiya says who asked her to stand on the table and says her head is tested and it is strong, but the frame fell down. Radhe laughs hearing Gudiya’s reasoning and says I forgot to tell you why I came? Gudiya says you came to tell how to behave with Bua and asks him to wait and watch.

Bua asks Sarla not to waste her time in making chutney and asks where is your daughter? Gudiya says I am here and shows the puppet toy which she made. Bua asks Gudiya to come downstairs. Gudiya says I am coming. Bua says she is not in control. Sarla says that’s why I called you. Gudiya comes there running. Sarla asks her to have break and asks her to learn some manners. Bua ji scolds Sarla for not teaching her good values. Gudiya says I forgot to hug you and falls on her. Bua asks Sarla what did you have it before her birth?

Radhe and Nanhe have chaat at the stall and tell that they will have drink in a bar after Gudiya’s marriage. Nanhe sees Sarla coming and says your destiny is number 1. She comes to Radhe and tells about Bua. Nanhe offers her to have chaat. She eats it. Song plays….

Bua sees Sweety talking to Pappu and he asks her to warm the water for him. Sweety asks if he will dance for her on a hot song. Gudiya comes and teases them. Pappu asks her to talk in low tone. Bua says I was watching everything and says you have no control. I will sleep in Sweety’s room and asks Pappu to sleep in hall. Gudiya says even I am not in control and asks her to sleep in her room. Bua says you have become more understanding. Gudiya says you have understood it and starts saying the numbers. Bua ji says you will forget all tables once you study in my class.

Precap will be added soon.

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