Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 4th February 2020 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 4th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 4th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chakkar baba looking out of the house while all the family members are standing still. He demands 10000 Rs to get rid of ghosts and witches. Gudiya asks if ghost and witch also need money to run off. Chakkar baba asks them to control this girl and says she is very mischievous. He says the money given to him shall be his own’s money. He leaves. Ballu tells that he has money, but it is kept in the cupboard. He says if I go there to get it, then will lose my life. Gudiya says Nanhe lal will go and get the money. Radhe asks her to look at his condition and says he can’t go. Nanhe lal says he will not go. Gudiya asks Pappu and then Radhe to go, but they also don’t want to go. Gudiya gets an idea and goes to the haveli. She comes to haveli and tries to open the cupboard. She finds cat sitting on the top and shouts. Just then cat’s owner comes there and tells that Shyama is of a poor man, but she has lavish’s habits to stay in the haveli. Gudiya says this is a chudail. The man says she is my cat Shyama and takes her with him. Gudiya opens the cupboard and gets the money. She brings the money and gives to Ballu. She tells them that Chaganlal was telling her about the cat, now she don’t think that they don’t need money to get rid of ghosts. Chakkar baba overhears them and comes inside. He tells that Chudail has gathered other ghosts and witches and tells that it was not Chaganlal, but icchadhari ghosts. He says if the kriya doesn’t happen today then the chudail will take someone’s life. Ballu gives him money. Chakkar baba says today he will kill chudail. Gudiya sees him greedily looking at the money.

In the night at haveli, Chakkar baba is doing puja when Shyama comes there. They all think her of ghost and shout. Just then a ghost appears infront of them. They all get scared and run away. Even Chakkar baba runs away. The ghost keeps hand on Ballu’s shoulder. Ballu runs away scared. Pappu and Sweety are together and shout seeing the ghost/witch. Radhe comes to their rescue and asks the witch not to see his children, do whatever she wants with him, but leave them else. Sarla requests them to leave her kids and husband and take her life. Pappu asks witch to leave his parents. Sweety also asks witch to leave her Amma and babu ji and take her life instead. Pappu closes the door and hugs Radhe. Sarla and Sweety hug each other. Witch laughs. Chakkar baba falls down scared of the witch. The witch laughs. Sarla and others come there and understands that she is actually Gudiya. She takes off her mask. Chakkar baba tries to run away, but Nanhe lal comes and catches him. Radhe asks what is the matter? Gudiya tells that the Chakkar baba is fraud like Pushp baba and says she enquired with Chaganlal about the ghost. Nanhe lal tells ballu that there is no ghost, but it is him who walks in sleep and others get scared. Ballu and others are relieved. Nanhe lal hits Chakkar baba.

They all come home and says all is well. Gudiya tells that she felt good that babu ji and Pappu was ready to give each other’s life for one another. Radhe and Pappu refuse to say that. Gudiya says you was taking Pappu’s name in sleep saying don’t be scared, I am there. Radhe says Pappu was asking me about the money which he spent after I lost my job. Pappu says you have done partition of the house. Radhe says you have asked for it. He says you was not confident to walk when small, when I used to keep my hands below your hands and made you walk. Pappu says who told you that I don’t have any need of your shelter and support. Radhe says I will not talk to you. Pappu asks Sweety not to go there. Sweety says I will stay with my Amma now and asks if he can do partition of Amma. Sarla cries and says I will stay with my daughters in upstairs room, asks Radhe and Pappu to stay in their side of house. Radhe stops Sarla and says Panjiri is burning. Sarla says my house is burning and you are thinking about Panjiri. Pappu says I didn’t have anything since many days, made by you and asks her to make him eat panjiri. They hug and cry. Radhe says mother and son are united, left me to die alone. Pappu sits near him and says we all are because of you, and we are nothing without you. Gudiya tries to hug them and end up falling on them. Radhe and Pappu hug each other.

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