Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 4th September 2019 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 4th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 4th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajkumari Bua asking Jia to tell table of 19. Jia says 19*1= 1 19, 19*3= 3 19. Bua asks where did the 19*2 went. Jia says in the stomach. Rajkumari Bua says that’s why Gudiya is like this. Gudiya says it is easy and says she can tell table of 35 also now. She tells in a unique style. Bua asks her to tell poem after she returns from bathroom. She goes to bathroom. Gudiya asks Jia if she knows any poem. Jia says I am very hungry and asks her to bring something to eat. Gudiya says you are fasting and gives her toffee to eat. Sweety asks Pappu to come to room for sometime. Pappu says Bua is in bathroom and says she will dance here and asks him to dance on the bed. She plays the song and dances. Pappu also dances. Sarla and Radhe see him signing and dancing resting

on bed. Sarla says Pappu has become strange after marriage. She says she is waiting for their daughter to become normal like other girls and hopes Bua ji does this. Bua is about to come out. Sweety runs to room and Pappu pretends to sleep.
Bua makes Gudiya walk keeping book on her head and takes a nap. Gudiya counts the numbers and says 21. The book falls on Bua’s legs. She shouts and asking Gudiya if she did this intentionally. Gudiya says no. Bua ties her hands and mouth with the rope and cloth while she is seated tied with the hand pump. Sarla, Radhe, Pappu and Sweety hear and feel bad. After Bua goes to room. Pappu comes to her and opens cloth from her mouth. Gudiya says why are you opening? She says Bua tied me showing her rights on me and says she will only untie me with love. Radhe asks Pappu to come. Pappu ties cloth on her mouth and goes.

In the morning, Bua wakes up Pappu at 5 am in the morning. She frees Gudiya’s hand and mouth. Gudiya says she heard voices of the little animals from the well and waiting for them to come. She says she had such a peaceful sleep. Bua asks her to get ready for the morning exercise. She wakes up Radhe and Sarla and says when you people couldn’t get better then how can your daughter be. Bua asks everyone to take long breaths. Gudiya asks if it is taken with intelligence. Bua says you don’t know even this? Gudiya says I know, but don’t know if you know or not. She says if you don’t know pranayam then don’t feel bad, your respect will not get less infront of us. Bua asks Sarla what did you have before her birth? Gudiya says mishri and nariyal. Sarla asks Jia to have bath. Jia asks Radhe to have bath. Radhe thinks he can’t take bath with cold water and asks Pappu to take bath who in turn asks Sweety to take part. Sweety says I can’t take bath in cold water and asks Gudiya to take bath. Gudiya is going to bathroom, when Bua checks if heater is there and asks her to take bath carefully. Gudiya says Amma never taught me this and goes to bathroom. Jia complains of pain due to hunger and asks Radhe to make arrangements of her funeral. Radhe asks why are you saying this? Jia says she is hungry. Radhe says I can’t go against Bua. Gudiya comes there and says I made Jia eat my toffee when bua went to bathroom. Jia and Radhe seeing Bua hearing. Jia says she don’t remember.

Bua scolds Gudiya for making her eat toffee and punishes her to stand near the wall until she tells. Gudiya gets excited and stand near the wall. Bua gives work to Radhe to keep eye on Jia. Gudiya turns when she hears her and gives her reasoning. Radhe also confuses Bua. Bua goes. Gudiya says she is feeling bad for Bua. Bua comes to Sarla and asks her to give work to Gudiya to clean Meethi. Gudiya says how to do it alone. She eats a bit and smiles. Sarla asks Bua if she shall check on Gudiya. Bua says no. Gudiya calls Sarla and says work is done. They go out and see Gudiya making Nandini, the cow having methi. She says Bua asked me to handle it alone, so I made Nandini do it, and it likes it. Later Bua scolds Nanhe lal for entering home and asks if he is thief or police officer. Radhe apologizes to her and asks Nanhe lal to come. Bua asks what about me? Gudiya says Bua says bau ji didn’t ask you not to come. Bua punishes her. Gudiya says your confidence is low and takes the punishment sportingly. Bua gets upset. Radhe and Nanhe check the groom’s pic. Bua comes there. Radhe says groom is coming to see Gudiya. Bua asks for what and taunts on their values and upbringing. Sarla goes crying. Bua says nobody wants to hear the truth now.

Precap will be added soon.

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