Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 5th February 2020 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 5th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 5th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nanhe lal appreciating Gudiya and says she has done so much to unite them, lied to them etc. Radhe asks did you lie? Gudiya says you say that the lie is not lie when it is said for good cause. Radhe says yes. Gudiya tells Sarla that Panjiri is burnt. Radhe says so much is saved from burning, my house is united again. Pappu says even this bathroom. They laugh. Radhe says he will go to bathroom and asks Pappu to sit. Pappu says even he will go. Radhe asks him to sit. Gudiya hugs Nanhe lal.

Later Pappu hugs Radhe. Gudiya washes the line with water and wipes it with broom. She says she is wiping the partition line as lines are erased from heart. Sarla says yes and hugs Sweety. Ballu comes there and greets them. Gudiya asks if chudail came. ballu says she is standing there with broom in her hand. They laugh. Ballu invites them to come to his house and asks them to come in afternoon. He says he has a surprise for him. Sarla asks Radhe to make chutney. Radhe says I will do. He looks at himself in the mirror. Sarla asks what will change in your face. Gudiya comes there and says bau ji is looking handsome. Radhe says only you say this. Gudiya says Bindiya mausi says that you are handsome. Radhe says he will grind chutney. Gudiya talks as Jia and says this jal kukdi is like that. Sarla runs behind her to beat her. Gudiya says I am Jia now and runs away. She then comes back and says you didn’t do right to attack Jia. She asks Radhe what is the surprise in haveli? Radhe says I don’t know, but it can be anything. Gudiya says she will go there and see. Sarla asks her to sit silently.

She talks to her doll and says she will go to haveli. Sweety asks Gudiya why she is doing work. Gudiya goes to her and asks if she knows what is the surprise? Sweety says she can’t use her mind. Gudiya says that’s why bhaiyya says that you make your mind go grass crafting. Sweety asks if he said this and goes to talk to Pappu. Ballu opens the window and greets Gudiya. Gudiya asks him about the surprise. Ballu says she will know later. Pappu apologizes to Sweety. Sweety gets upset with him. Gudiya comes there and asks Pappu if he knows what is the surprise which Ballu is giving them? Sweety says Pappu never surprised her. Gudiya asks her to think about the surprise which Ballu will give them. Pappu says he will give me big gift. Radhe tells that he will get some property to him. Sarla says may be ballu will give ancestral necklace to her. Gudiya goes to haveli silently and hears Ballu practicing to teach them in his English class. He says this heart on board is of mine and tells that he has black marks on his heart, he gets hurt soon. He says he wanted to study in English school, but he read hindi for many years. He says he has no student to learn English and gets sad. He says he has just a small dream to have housefull students. Gudiya hears and gets emotional.

Radhe tells Pappu that Sarla behaves badly with him. Pappu says even Sweety is troubling him. Radhe says you are dancing well. Pappu says what to do? Sarla calls Sweety and asks her to eat paratha. Radhe and Pappu also come there. Gudiya comes there and asks how it feels when someone’s dream is not fulfilled. They tell that it feels bad when dream is not fulfilled. Gudiya tells that she went to haveli and heard him. Pappu says he felt sad. Gudiya says we can fulfill his dream by becoming his student. Radhe says we can’t do. Gudiya says you talk to him nicely, but when the moment came to fulfill his wish. Sweety says she got rid of books with much difficulty. Pappu says he is busy in shop. Radhe asks if this is our age to study.

Ballu opens the window and calls everyone, says surprise is ready, but he don’t see anyone in the house and gets sad.

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