Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 5th September 2019 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 5th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 5th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gudiya opening a tape recorder. Sarla scolds her for opening it and says didn’t you know that this is your Dada ji’s tape recorder. She sees injury on her hand and says why don’t you die. Gudiya says why shall I die? Sarla says then I will die? Gudiya says if you die then how will I live. Sarla says I have to hear so much from everyone because of you and says she called Bua ji here for her. Gudiya sits on her lap and asks her to lift her in her lap. Sarla laughs. Bua ji comes there and asks if she wants to shower affection on Gudiya then why did she call her and asks her to book her return tickets. Nanhe lal tells that Bua ji did wrong today. Radhe says once Gudiya gets married then I am ready to get beaten by bua ji. He plays the old song on the tape

Gudiya is in her room. Bua ji comes there. Gudiya asks if she needs anything. Bua ji says she don’t need anything. Gudiya asks her not to be hesitant. Bua ji says she don’t want anything and asks her to pick the stuff safely and keep it safely. Gudiya picks the stuff and keeps it back carefully. Bua ji says mistake is mine and says I should have told you to keep the things there. She says you are very intelligent. She asks her to do the work. Gudiya says she is tired. Bua ji says your hands don’t know but and asks her to keep the stuff there. Gudiya says ok. Bua ji thinks she will train Gudiya.

Bua ji talks to Radhe and Sarla. Gudiya supports her parents. Bua ji asks her to sit infront of her and think that groom family came. Gudiya says they used to come and see me often. She sits. Bua ji asks her to feel some shyness thinking her to be the groom. Gudiya asks which groom comes alone and asks where is groom’s father and mother. Bua ji calls Radhe and asks him to sit. Gudiya says he is my father. She asks him to sit. Bua ji asks him to imagine him. Bua ji calls Sarla and asks her to sit. Gudiya says she is my mum and says she will not marry such a guy that will snatch her parents. Bua says this is your conspiracy to kill me by teaching all these things to your daughter. Gudiya asks what happened to the groom? Bua says nothing can happen and runs out.

Bua tells Jia that Sarla pleaded infront of her to come and train Gudiya, but everyone is with her here. Jia says even you are scared of Gudiya and provokes her. Bua says I will take her test again and asks her to play a role. Jia pretends not to hear and see her. Bua thinks she is having a strange disease. Sweety asks Gudiya to do as Bua says. Pappu also asks her to give the test properly. Gudiya says who will take the groom’s test. Sweety taunts Pappu. Pappu asks Gudiya to think the test as the play. Gudiya says she likes to play. The neighbors are trying to eavesdrop in Gudiya’s home and say they are not getting masala. Gudiya hears them and asks them to take masala from Amma, says groom came to see him. She goes inside. Sarla tells Radhe that Bua is not like before and is not sharp like before. Radhe says my hands get tired doing the work told by her. Sarla gets emotional and says Bua is getting old, and says that old people live us. Radhe asks why she takes Jia lightly and behave as if she is immortal. Jia comes there and asks if raita is made? Sarla asks her to sit and says I am bringing raita for you. Jia thinks why Sarla is sweet to her. Gudiya is talking to the Bua and says you are the groom. Bua asks are you ready to give test. Gudiya says I am ready to give test. Bua says she will implement school experiences and says she gives a situation to the kids to enact in school. Likewise she asks everyone to play. Nanhe lal says I will do Radhe’s role. Bua gives role to everyone and acts as groom. She asks Radhe to call her brother and bhabhi to come with him. They act as coming home with the proposal. Pappu tells about the groom. Radhe as groom’s father asks Sarla to call Gudiya. Sarla calls Gudiya to come out. Gudiya comes out. Nanhe lal says she is Gudiya.

Precap will be added soon.

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