Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 6th February 2020 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 6th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 6th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gupta family coming to haveli holding the slate and surprise Ballu. Ballu gets happy and asks them to come. Ballu says today’s topic is heart and says heart is an organ inside your chest, because of which we feel love for so many people without any reason. He says when we love, heart run faster and sends tears. He says I got tears and thanks them for coming for his class. Everyone claps. Radhe raises his hand and says we didn’t understand whatever you said, but it made me emotional. Gudiya says that’s why we came to the English class. Pappu says I remember that E also comes in HART. Pappu says it comes, but I teach easy English. Sweety says it will be fun. Sarla taunts her. Sweety asks are you telling me? Sarla says yes. Pappu gets happy and says my Amma learnt English. Radhe asks if he can talk in hindi? Pappu says ok and asks them to wait and watch the surprise. He removes the cloth from the dining table and asks them to turn towards him. He says this is my surprise for you, you have done so much for us.. Gudiya says so much food for us. Sweety asks did you make this food? Ballu says yes. He asks them to sit and eat.

Radhe says they will have food on dining table. Gudiya says she will have variety food for the first time. They begin eating. Everyone finishes their food and take their plates. Pappu tells Ballu that the food is good and they have fun. Radhe says I never have such food in my life before. Pappu says even me. Sarla says lets go. Gudiya asks Sarla to thank Ballu. Sarla thanks ballu. Gudiya tells Ballu that it is good that he served food to them rather than naming half haveli on Bau ji’s name. She then says bau ji thought that you will name half haveli on his name. Radhe and Sarla try to take him. Gudiya tells what Pappu and Sweety told at home. Sarla and Radhe take her out. Ballu says it is family matter.

Sarla and Radhe scold Gudiya for telling Ballu. Gudiya says it is good that he didn’t name the haveli on your name else you wouldn’t have eaten a food and wouldn’t have said that you never had such tasty food in your life ever. She tells Sarla and Sweety that they told this when Amma and Sweety went to wash their hands. Sarla cries and sits on chair. Sweety also cries with Sarla and tells that Amma makes food with so much hardwork. Sarla refuses to cook food for them and asks them to eat at ballu’s house. They cry and go. Gudiya asks Radhe to say how they were shouting and crying like cats. Radhe says if I tell that, then you will say that I have said. But Sarla and Sweety comes out and hears Radhe repeating the words, gets upset and goes. Radhe and Pappu get upset too.

Later Radhe comes to Gudiya and asks what is she doing? She says she is making pamphlets for Ballu’s class English. Radhe asks her to tell Sarla that he didn’t praise ballu’s food like that. He says he likes food made by Jia, but as ballu made it with so much love, he praised him. He says your Amma also makes tasty food. He asks her to take money for golgappa and explain to Sarla. Gudiya calls Sarla and tells that Bau ji praised her just like that and then tells that Bau ji said that nobody’s food will be as tasty as food made by Jia. Sarla gets hurt and cries. Radhe gets upset. Gudiya goes to eat golgappa and meets Manisha, social App user. She makes video of her while eating laddoos. Gudiya invites her for the English class. Manisha says she will definitely come.

An insurance agent, Manoj comes to Gupta’s house and tells about the insurance policies. Radhe asks if there is a policy if wife gets upset. Manoj says yes. Sarla asks if there is any policy when a husband praises someone else rather than wife. Manoj says yes. Gudiya asks him to do something for himself too and gives him handmade English class pamphlet. She asks him to learn English and do their life insurance policy in English language. Manoj agrees.

Precap: An upset Sarla asks Radhe and Pappu to have food at ballu’s house.

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