Gulmohar Grand 28th June 2015 Written Update

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Gulmohar Grand 28th June 2015 Written Update by Amena

Gulmohar Grand 28th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jaitley being taken to the hospital and Annie crying. The scene shifts to 24 hours ago, Annie gets a parcel from her dad and talks to him. He sends a CD and she sees Mayuri celebrating her birthday with Jaitley and Anirudh. Anirudh asks his informer did he know about Anahita Mehta. In morning, Jaitley tells Anirudh that he wants to organize a party as Gulmohar is in profit after 3 years, so he wants to throw a party for the staff. He says he has told Teeshay to make a CD about hotel progress and I will show it to everyone today. Anirudh says he has hired his new secretary Saloni and Jaitley says he has sent her to Mrs. Irani. He says he has invited Pallavi too. Anirudh thinks.

Annie gets tensed as she lost her mum’s locket and tells the staff that her mum is no more. Tina gets the locket and gives her. She gets a call and asks him not to call her often, she is at her workplace, she does not have anything. Teeshay talks to Neil and asks him for some tips for motivation. He teases Neil and asks does he like Annie. Neil says he comes here for work, not romance. Teeshay gets Jaitley’s call and says the DVD will be ready. He asks Neil to smile sometimes and he recalls Annie’s words.

Neil bumps into Annie and they start arguing. Tina says his arms have got lipstick mark. Annie says I m sorry. Neil clears it and gets angry. Tina asks why is he angry. Neil leaves. Saloni goes to Mrs. Irani and takes her sign on the papers. She thanks her for her valuation time. Mrs. Irani thanks to party today, my mood is alright. Anirudh sees her fine and says she will stay here by this attitude. Teeshay praises Annie and asks her to do a work. He shows a CD and says its journey of Gulmohar to inspire the staff, please give it to Jaitley. She keeps the CD with her.

Annie plays chess with Jaitley and says she has imp work, she will make him lose some other day, Gulmohar should not have loss, I have to give lunch to Mrs. Irani, she will get angry. He asks her to go fast. She gives him the wrong Cd of Mayuri. He says its special presentation for my party, why is she with her personal bag today. She says to get ready for party. He smiles. She thinks she will tell Nana that she is his Mayuri’s daughter and Nana ji will accept her. She recalls Mayuri’s ill health. She wanted to talk to her dad. Annie thinks why did Jaitley not reply to her letters, she wants to know what he feels about them, she will know the truth today. She sits holding the blue flowers and Anirudh looks on.

Anirudh gets a letter in his safe and thinks he has kept Mayuri’s letter and this truth is with him till 10 years, Jaitley does not know about Mayuri’s daughter, is she Anahita? Saloni says she has got the signs and says she is Saloni, Jaitley’s new secretary. Neil talks to her and says about security plan. She says he is serious about his work, and its party in evening, everyone is going. He says have fun. She asks will he come. He says he will be there, but he does not enjoy parties. He leaves.

The party begins in evening. Jaitley dances with Mrs. Irani. Teeshay dances with Tina and she asks will he not compliment her. He says she is looking good. He gets mesmerized seeing her. She asks him not to flirt and not get senti. Neil sees Annie. Ronnie asks him to drink. Neil says I don’t drink. Annie sees Jaitley and smiles thinking to talk to him. Anirudh looks on. he asks Neil to have fun, and dance. Neil says I don’t know. Anirudh says many girls are here, everything is easy, dancing is not tough. He compliments Annie and makes her hold Neil’s hands. He asks her to teach him dance. Annie says I m tired. Anirudh insists. Annie and Neil dance. Anirudh sees a lady. Annie and Neil argue and steps on his feet. She ends the dance.

Anirudh introduces Shreya to Pallavi. Sonali comes to Neil and dances with him. He thanks her for saving him from Annie, she does not like me. She says she heard everyone is impressed by him. He says not everyone and asks about her. She says she is boring. He says she is competing with him. Teeshay says I was saying.. Tina gets a call and cuts it. Teeshay says I need a drink. Tina goes to take the call and asks him to not call her. Teeshay asks any problem. She says nothing. He asks who was it on call. She says someone very special. He gets sad that she already has a BF.

Shreya goes. Pallavi asks Anirudh whats wrong with him, he did not ask Shreya for a dance, she likes him. He smiles and says she is just my secretary. She asks him to move on. He says its easy to say move on. She says she has moved on with Nikhil, he knows him. He says that pilot, how did situation change, she will be waiting for him too. She asks him to sign divorce papers. He says fine, but not here. Shreya hears them and leaves.

Annie thinks to talk to Jaitley and tell him the truth. He asks does she want to say anything. She says no and he leaves. Anirudh talks to Pallavi an holds her hand. He asks her not to go, he looks strong to the world, but he is not. He says he has guilt since 10 years, and says about Mayuri. She asks what. He says she wrote a letter and I did not give it to Jaitley, I did a big mistake. He says if Jaitley knew that Mayuri has a daughter, he would have forgiven her, how can I tell him now, I have cheated him. Pallavi says he can tell him the truth.

He says how to tell him and explain that I was stupid and insecure, I did not have feelings, today he is like my father, and that time I was scared. She asks why is he thinking now. He says I feel Mayuri’s daughter is here. Jaitley asks Teeshay to play the CD. Teeshay says Jaitley wants to say something. Jaitley thanks them for making the party grand success, this hotel is his life, thanks for being part of this. Teeshay plays the CD and Jaitley gets shocked seeing Mayuri.

Anirudh says he is going to get very disturbed. Annie recalls how the Cd might have got swapped. Jaitley stops the Cd and asks them to get out, the party is over. Anirudh calms him. Mrs. Irani says the CD has nothing odd. Jaitley asks her not to say what she does not know, he does not want to recall Mayuri, she died for me. Annie says maybe you are right, maybe she died. He says don’t talk in between. She says did you try to know is she alive or not. Jaitley asks her to shut up. Anirudh says leave us alone.
Jaitley says he wants to be alone for sometime and he will go to room. He recalls Mayuri and gets a heart attack. He falls down. They rush him in ambulance.

Anirudh and everyone wait outside the ICU. Anirudh says he will be fine, he is a fighter. The doctor says he is fine now, he is sleeping by injection. Annie gets relieved. Jaitley recalls getting the news of Mayuri’s daughter and gets happy. He says he has become Nana, Mayuri became mum and did not tell me, did such distance came between us, if this is true then this relation should end, as Mayuri also wish this. Anirudh calls his informer and asks him to come fast. He thinks maybe Annie has kept the CD there, just few hours to know this.

Annie talks to Jaitley and asks him how can he do this with her, she wanted to talk to him since years, what will she answer her mum, Mayuri cried all her life only because of him, she is Mayuri’s daughter, he did not care knowing about her birth. Jaitley cries.

Annie asks Neil what is he hiding. He says a girl died because of him, and she gets shocked.

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