Gulmohar Grand 6th September 2015 Written Update

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Gulmohar Grand 6th September 2015 Written Update by Amena

Gulmohar Grand 6th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Fernandes asking Annie to come with him back to London. He says Jaitley will not accept you, he will think we cheated him like Anirudh. Annie says no, he will be annoyed if we leave from here. He says this can’t go on like this. She says right, but I will make my place in Jaitley’s heart soon. Its morning, Jaitley sits sad. Mrs. Irani asks Jaitley to have tea, and pacifies him. Annie comes to him and asks him to talk. She says I know you are annoyed, I was afraid so I have hidden this matter, please open the door, I m sorry.

Mrs. Irani opens the door and Annie sees Jaitley. Annie says when I was small, my mum used to make me smiley cake with pudina lassi, I used to smile seeing this. Mrs. Irani says Jaitley does not want to meet anyone, it will be good that you go. Annie says please mam… Mrs. Irani shuts the door. She sees Jaitley restless and asks him to stop Annie. He says no.

Anirudh is sad and sees Pallavi’s pic. He talks to her pic and says you always said this hotel will end our marriage, you were wrong, this hotel ended me. He regrets that he is not part of Gulmohar now. He sees a wine bottle and recalls Jaitley’s words. He cries.

Teeshay and Tina wonder why did Mrs. Irani called this meeting urgently. Shreya says she did not get time to bid bye to Anirudh so soon. Ronnie says Anirudh was a problem, its good he left. Annie and Neil come there. Mrs. Irani says Jaitley is taking a break from hotel, and now Anirudh is not with Gulmohar, there is no place for traitors in this hotel. Ronnie claps and throws Anirudh’s nameboard in bin. Mrs. Irani asks what is he doing.

Ronnie says Anirudh deserves that. Mrs. Irani tells Neil that the hotel doors will be closed for Anirudh. Teeshay asks who will have charge of hotel now. Ronnie says Mrs. Irani will decide the agenda, don’t ask rubbish, you all will know when time comes. Mrs. Irani nods and adjourns the meeting. Mrs. Irani stops Annie. Annie says she wants to talk to Jaitley first. Mrs. Irani says you don’t care about Gulmohar, staff and its legacy. Annie says no, even I love Gulmohar. Mrs. Irani says Jaitley loved Mayuri and Gulmohar a lot.

Ronnie taunts Neil that he knew Annie’s truth so he used to follow her. Neil answers Ronnie. Annie comes and says she will clear Ronnie’s doubts on time. Ronnie leaves. He talks to Meghji and gets to know the plan that Jaitley sells the hotel to them. Meghji asks about any celebrations. Ronnie says a celebrity kid’s birthday is there to night. Meghji asks him to make a special cake and make this chance not gone from his hands. Ronnie says sure.

Teeshay misses Anirudh and talks to Abby. Abby thanks him for this job. Teeshay says Anirudh used to groom all employees, but now he is not in Gulmohar. Anirudh’s friend Param asks what, who will manage my son’s birthday, I will talk to Jaitley. Teeshay says Jaitley is not here. Param asks what, who is the incharge here. Annie says she is active GM of Gulmohar, she is grand daughter of Jaitley, and introduces the staff to the client. The man says its Yuvi’s birthday party, I have special demands. Annie says we still have time. He specifies his conditions. Annie says he will get arrangements as he said, and asks him not to worry. Ronnie hears them and smiles.

Param thanks Annie seeing her taking care of Yuvi’s choices. Ronnie tries spoiling the party and mixes something in the cake. Annie sees the arrangements and falls. Neil holds her. Teeshay and Tina tease Annie. Annie says I m sorry, what happened to you both. Teeshay and Tina laugh saying they were joking. Neil says he will follow Annie’s orders and he has work now. He leaves. Annie says what happened to him.

Abby serves lunch to Neil and says he is management trainee. Neil recalls Annie. Abby asks Neil to show how he manages the footages and his work. Neil says hold on, and explains him. He sees Anirudh at the gate and bring stopped by the guards. Neil asks Abby to go, he will answer him later. Neil says Anirudh should have not come here. Abby smiles and says thanks Anirudh, I will get the hotel security info, so that I can use this hotel on business summit day.

Abby gets the footages of Gulmohar and smiles. Anirudh scolds the guards. Neil stops Anirudh and says he can’t go inside. Anirudh says this is my hotel. Neil hits on his head and Anirudh faints. Teeshay asks Neil is he mad. Neil says sorry, I had no option, we have to make Anirudh leave before Ronnie comes. Annie sees the balloons and birthday decorations. She asks did Teeshay not say the arrangements rules. She asks Neil about Teeshay. Neil thinks no one should see Anirudh. Annie tells the staff to remove all the balloons and decorations.

Annie holds Neil’s hand and asks is this perfect now. He says it would be perfect if you are saying, I have to leave. Param says the party is perfect, I m very happy, well done Annie. Yuvi sits sad. Param talks to him. Param asks Yuvi to enjoy. Annie makes Yuvi cheer up and Param gets glad. Annie sees the cake and asks the staff to take it away, its not for this party. Yuvi gets headache. Param asks what happened, are you alright. The DJ plays music. Param asks them to stop the music. Teeshay pulls the plugs. Ronnie looks on and smiles. Annie says I m sorry. Param says you were given instructions. Annie asks Yuvi to smile, as he is strong boy. She makes Yuvi have the pizza. Neil smiles seeing Annie. She says all kids are happy. He says I have work and goes. She finds his behavior weird and goes to him. She asks why is he ignoring him. He says I have some work. Yuvi gets unwell by the pizza and falls. Annie gets shocked.

All the kids start falling sick after eating the pizza. Annie panics seeing all kids getting unwell.

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