Gupta Brothers 12th October 2020 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 12th October 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 12th October 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kamini and Bobby dancing in temple happily and sits in the mandap. Bobby asks Pandit ji to get the marriage done fast. Alok comes there with his brothers and Kamini’s mom. Pandit ji asks who is he? Alok says I am the first groom and I will get her married first. He asks Pandit ji to get up and tells that his Mama will get his marriage done from the start. Kamini says I am of Bobby fully. Veeru asks if she changed her words. Kamini’s mom says you loves Alok. Kamini tells that she loves Bobby and reveals her mom’s plan to get her married in sarvagunn sampan brothers to live a good life. She says she made my Papa mad and now she had planned to make these brothers mad. Kamini’s mom asks her to be quiet. Inspector Videshi says he will arrest them both for the conspiracy. Kamini’s mom asks what is the proof? Rajat brings Kamini’s laptop and types password I love Bobby and it opens. He says it had the info which you had stolen. A fb is shown, Kamini tricks Bobby to bring Alok’s laptop and her mother steals Alok’s info from his laptop. Shiv tells that his brothers was sarvagunn sampann.

Rajat tells that they were acting and acted in Ram leela. Kamini asks how did you get Bobby and my info. Shiv recalls seeing Kamini emotional hearing Bobby playing song and understands everything. He says we, the brothers met late in the night and talked. He says we had given Alok’s laptop for repair to Bobby. Then they meet Bobby and make him confess all the truth. Fb ends. Inspector asks Constable to arrest Kamini’s mom. Kamini’s mom starts dancing. Kamini tells that her mom has gone mad and asks Inspector to take her to mental asylum. She tells that Bobby and I will come to mental asylum to take Papa and your blessings.

Constables take Kamini’s mom from there. Shiv asks Inspector to open Veer’s handcuffs. Inspector opens it and goes. Veer tells the society men that he will break their head. Jaya asks them to run. The society members tell that they are not scared. Shiv tells that they are not dependent on woman, even though they respect woman a lot. He tells that man can do any duty and tells that even man can be sarvagunn sampann. He says we are sarvagunn sampann and that’s why everyone wants to get their daughter marry in our house. He asks society men, why do they want a woman to come in their house and seperate them. He requests the people to let them be happy.

In the evening, Shiv serves food to his brothers. They tell that they are very hungry. Shiv says we will have food from one plate like we used to have it in childhood. Rajat plays his childhood video. Gupta brothers plays…Shiv gets emotional and teary eyes. Alok, Rajat and Veer get worried. Alok tells that he was getting nostalgic seeing their childhood. He says our love is our strength. They hug each other happily. Shiv thinks he will never let anything happen to his brothers.

Precap: Janardhan comes to the neighborhood. Veer and Alok see a girl in their house and alerts Shiv.

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