Gupta Brothers 14th October 2020 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 14th October 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 14th October 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with all brothers shouting ghosts. They come out of house. Jaya’s parents come there and ask what happened? Veer says there is a ghost in their house. He asks Shiv if he is scared. Shiv says no, you have pulled me out. Veeru says there is a bhootni dancing. Jaya’s father says he will see her dance. Jaya’s mother stops him and says she will handle the lady ghost. She goes inside and sees Mridula sitting in front of temple and asks her to listen. Mridula turns. Amba Kaki gets scared and tells that she bite her. Veeru says snake bites and not ghosts. Shiv asks from where she came and calls her ghost. Mridula says she is a human like them.

Jaya touches her and says she is a girl in reality. Shiv asks who is she and from where she came. Mridula says she is from Kolkata and asks how did he come in closed house. Shiv says he is Shiv Gupta. She says I am waiting to meet you since 3 days. Rajat says you are here in our house since 3 days. She begins talking something in Bengali. Shiv asks what are you saying? Mridula says she has only one bad habit, ie. Me. Shiv asks who are you? She says she is his Papa’s business partner’s daughter Mridula Roy. Shiv says you are saying that my babu ji has a partner. Mridula says yes, but he is no more now. She says he told me before his death that he had 50 percent partnership in house, shop etc. Veeru says what is happening? Mridula says your house is well handled by a woman. Veeru says we have decorated it. Mridula says everything is fine. Shiv says you have ruined it. She says sorry. Rajat says you have spoiled fully. Shiv asks her to say. Mridula tells a story and tells that her father shifted to Kolkata 25 years back and before his death, he named everything on my name. She shows the property deeds papers. Shiv is shocked.

He comes to his mother’s pic and tells that someone is on the door. He asks his mom if she knew about this. His mom says no and tells that her husband didn’t tell her anything. They all come back. Rajat asks from where did you bring fake papers and says even we have papers. Shiv shows her papers. Mridula says it is useless and tells that his papers are old than hers, means her papers are made later. She says my Papa used to praise you all a lot and used to tell that Shiv is like Shiv ji and will never let anything wrong happen with her. She says say Shiv ji Maharaj ki Jai….Amba says she is praising you. Shiv says she is asking 50 percent property. She says she is asking her rights. Veeru says our Shiv bhaiyya don’t take anyone rights. Rajat says these papers are fake. Mridula suggests him to get it checked in Nagar Nigam. Alok says ok and asks her to go to her house. Mridula says I am in my house. Shiv says it is not proved yet. Mridula says if you don’t trust me. Shiv says yes. Amba thinks she shall make Mridula as Shiv’s life partner so that Jaya can settle down with Alok. She asks where this girl will go at midnight. Rajat says it is just 8 pm. Mridula says she will not go anywhere and goes to sleep in Shiv’s room. Shiv thinks if she is saying right or playing game like Kamini. He thinks to find out the truth.

Alok tells that he is worried. Veeru asks him to say in hindi. Shiv asks if you are worried about Mridula’s words. Veeru says we didn’t let any woman come here and now a woman will take our half house. Shiv tells that this is surely the girl’s trick as if Babu ji had taken loan then he would have repaid it, like he sold Gupta Market and cleared all his debts. Veeru says he will tear her papers. Shiv says if she is wrong then I will make her leave and if she is right then I will support her. They have a hug. Srvagunn Sampann plays…..Shiv asks his brothers to make the sleeping arrangement. His mom tells that she knows that Mridula is after him and will not leave him. Shiv says no woman can stay here after you and smiles.

Precap: Shiv tries to make Mridula wake up and runs out of room seeing her leg. Amba wakes her up and bears her wrath. Shiv imagines Durga in Mridula.

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