Gupta Brothers 16th October 2020 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 16th October 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 16th October 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mridula thinking Shiv’s nature has the quality which her face has, which makes people attracted to them. While the ladies’ employees are mesmerized by Shiv, the guy officer gets mesmerized seeing her and supports her. The peon brings one juice bottle. She says we will share like sharing the property and house. She tells that Shiv’s father has shared 50 percent of house and shop with her father Rabindranath Roy. Shiv asks who will search the file. The ladies run and bring the file. The officer checks in the register. The brothers waits for Shiv. Shiv comes there and tells them that the woman will become in their house for forever. He tells them about reading the papers himself. A fb is shown, Mridula smiles and asks Shiv if the papers look old and if date is matching etc. The officer tells that Madam is truthful. The ladies tell that they shall check in the computer. Shiv asks the officer to check in the computer. He checks and confirms. Mridula says she is not asking anything from me, just asking her rights. She is not asking the rent for 25 years. She asks him to take time and let her stay in his house, until he pays her all the money. She says where will I go? The officer asks her to stay in his house. She tells that she is a respected woman and will stay there. The officer asks Shiv to let her stay in the house until he pays her 50 percent money for the shop and house. Fb ends.

Rajat asks if he will stay here. Alok says where we will take bath. Rajat asks why Papa didn’t tell you. Mridula is with Kamini’s mom. Kamini’s mom tells that she is taking revenge as they got Kamini marry Bobby. She asks how did she make the fake papers? The officer comes there, who is Karishma’s father. Kamini’s mother and Karishma’s father are taking revenge on Shiv. Karishma’s father reveals how he got the papers ready with much difficulty. Mridula says she wants her payments on time as she does cheat work with honesty. Karishma’s father tells that he will decide who will be his damad. Mridula says let them come on road. Just then door is opened, chota chappal comes there and throws the banana peel. John Johny Janardhan comes there and falls on Mridula. John tells about his wish to take revenge from them. Mridula says leave everything on her and tells that nobody will love them, respect them or business with them.

Precap: Mridula drinks wine in the hall infront of Gupta brothers and then forces Shiv to make fish in the house. Alok asks Shiv why did he ruin their religion.

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