Gupta Brothers 21st October 2020 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 21st October 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 21st October 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mridula asking the people, who will invest their money for this order. Everyone runs behind her. She sits down and asks them to stand in queue. She asks Rajat to get information about who is investing money. She asks Alok to note down who is giving her, how much money. Veeru asks what about me? Mridula says you shall break the heads whoever troubles here. Veeru smiles. Shiv nods no. Veeru and others nods no. Mridula blackmails to call Deewan Builders. Rajat, Veeru and Alok are forced to work for her. While she collects the money, Rajat and Alok note down the amount and details. Alok’s mother asks why did he make her sons as Servants. Mridula tells that their money will be doubled. She asks them to party. Abhi toh party shuru huyi hai plays……

Jaya and the girls wait for the brothers to do puja. Jaya thinks if Mridula did something. Just then Mridula opens the door. They get shocked seeing her. Mridula wakes up Alok. Alok says let me sleep and says good morning. He sees her and goes to take bath. Shiv wakes up and checks the time. He wakes up and asks Veeru and Rajat to get up. Mridula touches Alok again and he runs to take bath. He comes out of bath. Mridula touches him again. Rajat tells that he has to go to take bath. Alok runs again to bathroom and feels hot. Mridula troubles Veeru and spills the floor with garbage. She touches Alok again and again. Shiv comes to the kitchen and sees smoke in the kitchen. Mridula burns the 4 kadai’s with onion in it. Veeru washes them. Mridula troubles them a lot. Later she meets John and chota chappal. Chota Chappal tells that he is scared of his Didi who controls John also. John slaps him and asks what is her plan. Mridula says tomorrow is the third day, she will atleast 50 lakhs and then elope with it.

Shiv comes to Rajat and asks did you fail in the exam. Alok tells that he got unwell after taking bath many times. Veeru says he is feeling unwell too. Alok tells that we all are unwell. Shiv tells that Mridula’s claims are wrong, she is not our business partner. He says we shall find out who is with her using our grocer’s mind. They promise to fail her with their intelligence and grocer’s mind.

Mridula sits in the shop and returns the investors’ money second time. Rajat says you had said that we will come empty Veeru says we shall apply in this bank too. Shiv says she is not bank, but fraud, she is fooling people. He thinks you have played many games Mridula, now it is my turn. I will play such a game that you will get trap in your own conspiracy.

Precap: Shiv tells the neighbors that Maa came in his dream and will doubled their money. Everyone see milk going inside the pic. He makes Mridula do work and thinks to expose her soon.

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