Gupta Brothers 22nd October 2020 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 22nd October 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 22nd October 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Veeru telling that they couldn’t get any business today due to Mridula. Rajat asks him not to tell Shiv, else he will feel bad. They reach home. Mridula also comes and asks what is happening? Neighbors are already there. Kaki asks why did you call us with milk bowls. Shiv says Maa came in my dream in the morning and told that my neighbors are very poor and that’s why she talked to Lakshmi Mata. Kaki asks how? Shiv tells that Maa talked to Devi Lakshmi and she told that their money will be doubled in just 4 hours. He says I told how to trust you, then Maa said that she will show miracle and drink milk from the person’s bowl whose money she will doubled. He signs his mother to drink milk and she sucks the milk pipe. Everyone is surprised to see the milk emptying in the bowl. Shiv sings bhajan like song.

They all are happy. Mridula stands surprised. He asks Jaya to bring the plates and tells that the money will be doubled in the other plates. Maa asks if he will make her unwell. He says you will get Moksh for helping your sons after death. She asks if Mridula will be trapped. Shiv says yes, I have seen her greed. They ask her to continue drinking milk. Shiv assigns the work to his brothers. Everyone keeps their money while Alok and Rajat note down the information. Veeru says shall we keep our money too. Rajat says no, and says this is 20 20 and this can’t happen because of any miracle. A girl asks Veeru to present the milk to his mother. Veeru drinks the milk. Shiv sees Mridula standing and asks her to do work being the part of the family. She says she don’t work and then says I am tired of working all day. He says this is religious work, either you go to your room and rest or work here. Mridula thinks she shall wait here and see and agrees to do the work. Shiv handovers her fruit basket. Mridula distributes the fruits to everyone. Shiv tells that Maa ordered him to make kheer for them and says until the kheer is made, your money will be doubled. He asks them to take kheer also with doubled money. He asks them to go and return by 4 pm. They all applaud for Shiv’s mother. They all leave. Shiv asks Mridula to go and rest, says he has more money than her now. He thanks her for the work. Mridula thinks if he is fooling like me.

Shiv makes kheer. Maa tells that her stomach is paining because of milk. She asks how the people will forgive you, whom you have promised to doubled their money. Shiv asks her not to worry. She says if anything happens to you then what will happen to my sons. They are innocent and says only you are there to take care of them. Shiv gets emotional and tells that until he is here, nothing will happen to his brothers. Mridula watches them as he gives bhog to his mother. She watches the spoon getting empty and gets shocked. Maa says Kheer is nice and asks why you are smiling. Shiv says nothing. He brings the kheer bowls and asks Mridula to give to everyone. Mridula is forced to give kheer to everyone. Kaka tells that he is feeling good to get kheer from her hand. Kaki says from Amba’s hands. Shiv smiles looking at Mridula and recalls how she had troubled Alok and Veeru. He thinks I have returned your pain which you gave to my brothers, now I will bring out your truth before everyone.

Precap: Everyone sees the money doubling and demands Mridula to return their money. Shiv says Maa will increase the money 4 times this time. Mridula thinks to invest 25 lakhs and get 1 crore. She keeps the money and later finds nothing. Shiv says I can’t do anything.

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