Gupta Brothers 26th January 2021 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 26th January 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 26th January 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Alok telling Veeru why Bhaiya and bhabhi are doing this. Veeru says I can’t think even in our dreams. Alok says we shall talk to them. Aditi and Jaya tell that they will talk to Shiv, while Alok and Veeru go to Ganga. Aditi and Jaya go to Shiv. Shiv says my dream is broken to keep this house united and tells that how can Ganga raise finger on you both. Aditi says whatever Bhabhi said was not wrong, mistake is mine, especially mine. She says I have accepted this family, but didn’t accepted it actually and used to complain and never cared for anyone feelings. She says if I get the punishment after break up of my relation, then I will bear. Jaya says mistake is mine too, I didn’t talk to Veeru property, when I had developed feelings for him, I didn’t tell him. She says she will leave the house and asks him to stop Ganga, and not to let her go. Shiv asks if the mistake gets fine, if it is not rectified. He asks Jaya to apologizes to Veeru whose heart she has broken. He says now there is no hope that everything will be fine. He says everything is over now.

Ganga packs her clothes and asks Alok and Veeru not to talk to her if they came to talk about their bhaiya. Alok says no and tells that first he married Aditi and then he forgotten himself for her, though he knew that she is doing wrong and supported her. He says he has realized his mistake too and will rectify his mistake. He says let her go if she wants to. Veeru says I will not do more mistake and says I married Jaya for your, but I couldn’t accept her and gave her much pain. He says I will get her married to someone else. He says she will not have any complains and we can stay happily here. Alok requests her not to go. Ganga tells Alok that he will not be happy and peaceful if he agrees to Aditi’s sayings. She asks him to find out about why does she want it. She then tells Veeru that he couldn’t understand Jaya as she started loving him and says you also loves her, and that’s why wants her happiness. She says she is going. Veeru says you can’t leave us. Ganga says she can’t see people living her separately. Alok asks her to give them a last chance.

Alok-Veeru, Jaya-Aditi come to the hall. They tell that Shiv and Ganga are not listening. Aditi goes to Jaya and asks her not to blame her more, says she has hurt her and did wrong too. She says you have saved my baby, and had gone against your mother. She says sorry and promises not to think her wrong. Jaya says sorry, and says even I troubled you much. She says I used to feel pain seeing Alok and you together, but because I didn’t get Alok, as he was just my friend, but because I didn’t see the love which I have. Alok says this is Jaya and you was leaving her. Veeru says I was mad and asks why you was supporting me. Alok says I didn’t know that you both love each other. Aditi asks Jaya to say I love you to Veeru. She says if I had known that you both are in love then I wouldn’t have got insecure. She says sorry Alok. Alok says I love you looks good. He says we are fighting for each other. Veeru says if Bhaiyya comes to know that we are united then they will not separate. Alok says we have to take up the responsibility. They shake hands to keep the family united.

Alok and Veeru do the household work, while Aditi and Jaya do the puja together. Shiv and Ganga are surprised. Aditi says we have done the puja. Jaya says we have made the prasad together. Aditi applies tika to Ganga and gives her aarti. Jaya gives her prasad. They give aarti and prasad to Shiv. Veeru tears the divorce papers and says I loved Shiv bhaiyya and other brothers. He says then Bhabhimaa came there and gave mother’s love. He says when Jaya came in his house, then he felt love for her.

Jaya tells Ganga that wheb I got married to Veeru, you had told that I am lucky to get Veeru like life partner and praises him saying he is very good. Aditi tells that she couldn’t understand her love as she didn’t get her mother’s love. Alok says we got the love from you and you want to separate. Aditi and Jaya apologize to Ganga. Jaya says we will not do any mistake again and will never let your dream broken. She asks her to forgive them once. Ganga looks on. Veeru says ok, don’t forget us. I will not let you go from here and takes the bag. He finds it empty and says this means…Ganga and Shiv laugh. Rajat also laughs. Veeru says this means, you was not going. Ganga asks how will I go, if I go away from my kids. Shiv asks if Ganga can separate from me, this is our act to make you realize your mistake. A fb is shown, ganga plans to make them realize their mistake and makes up the plan. Fb ends. Shiv says we have decided that you will not realize our pain, until you will feel our pain. He scolds Alok and Veeru for their mistake to leave their life partners. Ganga says I want to make you both understand that you both are lucky to get my sons. Aditi and Jaya hug Ganga, while the brothers hug Shiv. Shiv says neither we will talk anything wrong nor you. Ganga says this family is ours and we will stay together always.

Ek dusre se plays…..They have a happy union.

The Show ended on a happy note.

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