Hamari Bahu Silk 14th October 2019 Written Update

Hamari Bahu Silk 14th October 2019 Written Update by Sona

Hamari Bahu Silk 14th October 2019 Written Episode

Rimjhim follows Pakhi with the Dandiya sticks. Mosmi reacts to stop her and fell over the chair. They call carry Mosmi into the room. Back in room, Ketan was angry with Pakhi and insists to let Mosmi rest in the room. He takes Naksh downstairs. Pakhi holds Mosmi’s hand and wish she gets well soon.
Natasha lay on the floor of the store. Her phone bell ringing in front of her. She tries to move but a gunned man walks closer.

In the function, Rimjhim silently thinks soon Pakhi will be here; and these Dandiya sticks will work wonders to end her game. Pakhi comes outside. Janki asks Pakhi to complete the ritual. They all notice Pakhi was lost in some deep thought. One of the girls come to snatch Rimjhim’s Dandiya from her in spite of her resistance. Pakhi held the pot on her head.

Rimjhim was at once worried, and stops the ritual. She says she did some calculations of time; the next 24 minutes isn’t favorable. The ladies there agree to delay the Parikrama and instead play Dandiya.
Naksh and Pakhi play Dandiya together. Rimjhim kept an eye around, looking for her snatched Dandiya. She figures out one of the Dandiya was in Naksh’s hand, while the other in Pakhi’s hand. If they collapse anyway, there will be a blast. She intervenes between their games and asks to take the Dandiya. Naksh and Pakhi share an eye lock.

Naksh day dreams of an intimate romance with Naksh while being alone at the venue. Naksh kiss her shoulder, and swirls her around. All at once, Naksh gets some realization, leaves Pakhi and says he only wants to hate Pakhi but is helpless. His heart wish to stay close to her. He asks if Pakhi loves him. Pakhi only looked towards Naksh fondly, and cries with a smile. She signals to Naksh she has no voice to speak.

After the eye lock, Naksh looked upset. Pakhi asks if everything is alright.
The goon sat beside Natasha and laughs hysterically while inquiring if she was about to dial a number on phone using her nose? Pinky enters the hide out, hits the goon with a rod at the back and frees Natasha. Natasha was in a hurry to save Pakhi’s life else her career is spoilt.

Afterwards, it was now time for Parikrama. Rimjhim smirks as she holds the Dandiya sticks. Pakhi was unable to handle the mud pot and it slips from her head. Naksh saved the pot in his hands. Pakhi moves on. One of the organizers come to take the Dandiya sticks from Rimjhim as she is no more playing Dandiya. Rimjhim was annoyed and goes to find the sticks again.

Natasha tells Pinky to drive the car fast while on their way.

Naksh spots a piece of glass right in the way of Naksh. He place his hand under Pakhi’s feet to protect her. Everyone was moved at his care. Pakhi smiles as he turns his face around. Rimjhim finally finds the Dandiya sticks. She thinks she has prepared for Pakhi’s death; Pakhi will no longer come between Naksh and herself. She bangs the sticks. All at once it was dark.

PRECAP: Pakhi lay on the floor injured. Naksh takes her head in his lap and cries that Pakhi can’t leave him so easily.

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