Hamari Bahu Silk 15th October 2019 Written Update

Hamari Bahu Silk 15th October 2019 Written Update by Sona

Hamari Bahu Silk 15th October 2019 Written Episode

The lights turned on. Pakhi lay on the floor, injured. Naksh holds her in his lap and cries. He asks Pakhi to wake up, he can’t even live without her. If this is some game, that she is trying to play with his heart. Janki sits besides Pakhi, tears drying up inside her eyes. Ishaan and Ketan console Naksh, but Naksh pushes them all back. He accepts everything as his mistake to Pakhi, and says a sorry in front of everyone. He asks Ishaan to bring Baa; had Baa ordered her to get up, she must have stood up at once. Janki stammers who killed her daughter? She goes to question everyone who attacked her daughter. Natasha comes forward and points towards Rimjhim, telling everyone that Rimjhim planned everything against Pakhi. Rimjhim denies any such thing. Natasha says Rimjhim had been planning this,

she even kidnapped her and locked her up in the godown so that she can’t save Pakhi’s life. Natasha cries that if Pakhi is dead, who would do the dubbing. She used to blackmail Pakhi and get the dubbing for herself. She attacks Rimjhim and shouts that Rimjhim spoilt her career. Mamta wonders what this woman is saying. Rimjhim charges at Natasha forcing her out of the venue. Natasha clutches Rimjhim’s face and threatens to kill her. Someone throws a stone that hits Natasha’s head. It came with a note, if everyone has seen Pakhi’s ending. Pakhi had sent their don to jail and they killed her. Rimjhim whispers to Natasha that it was a well thought out plan.
Naksh shouts at them not to utter a single word. He blames Natasha for all this. Mamta asks Naksh to leave it, but Naksh was about to charge at Pakhi. Mamta asks to take Pakhi inside.

Later at home, everyone sat in white clothes. Pakhi’s cremation was ready. Naksh thinks about shouting his hatred for Pakhi. Mamta tries to stuff cotton in Pakhi’s nose but Naksh forbids them, his Pakhi will be hurt. Ketan convinces Naksh to realize that Pakhi is no more. Naksh blames himself for her death and beats himself.

Rimjhim cries in front of Mosmi and says Pakhi has left them all. She had forbidden her but her condition is now evident. She says she dislikes crackers, but this time her Diwali was complete. She says Mosmi must have been there. But she had fallen. She says its better Mosmi is in such a condition, she better be like this. Ketan had walked to the room and finds Rimjhim with Pakhi. Rimjhim was shocked, but Ketan asks if she couldn’t as well see the situation downstairs. He takes Mosmi downstairs as well.

Downstairs, Mosmi was upset and about to faint. Ketan tells Ishaan to take her inside. Rimjhim thinks Mosmi won’t stay irresponsive for long, it seems her days are counting.

The Pandit suggests about moving towards Shamshan. Naksh wasn’t ready to let go of Pakhi. They finally carry Pakhi to the cremation board. Naksh and Janki kiss her forehead while she was wrapped and tied. Rimjhim smirks that Pakhi is gone, now its time for Mosmi to die.

PRECAP: Rimjhim brings an injection to Mosmi and says this will force her heart to stop working. Everyone will believe that Mosmi couldn’t bear Pakhi’s loss and died of heart attack.

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