Hamari Bahu Silk 19th July 2019 Written Update

Hamari Bahu Silk 19th July 2019 Written Update by Sona

Hamari Bahu Silk 19th July 2019 Written Episode

Nayan confesses in front of his wife that it was Natasha who made him do all this. His wife beats Nayan that Natasha is a B grade actress, he was already crazy after her movies and refrained from his own wife because of her. Pakhi asks his wife not to leave the house, they will unite and teach good lesson to Natasha. Nayan calls Natasha and tells her to come to his place, before everyone figures out their plan. He narrates his address to Natasha.

Mosmi and Rimjhim were cooking in the kitchen. Baa comes there and asks what they are upto and where Pakhi is. Mosmi says Pakhi left early morning, so she thought about getting Rimjhim cook. Baa says she appoints everyone for a reason, and will cook herself. Outside the kitchen, Mosmi tells Rimjhim to go and apologize Naksh. In the room, Naksh was

playing football on cellphone. Rimjhim watches closely then says every player is crazy, and chasing a single ball. Naksh was unimpressed and says they wish to do the goal. Rimjhim laughs that the ball is already ‘goal’ (Round). Naksh stares towards her.
Natasha comes to Nayan’s place. His wife comes to pull her hair from behind and was ready to rub black polish on Natasha’s face for all her character and planning. Pakhi comes to Natasha and asks if she thought Pakhi would never figure out who is behind all this drama. She had saved Natasha from the disgrace of blackened face, she can now get it done as well. If Natasha doesn’t stop, she won’t spare her. Nayan comes to drop Pakhi and forbids him to tell anyone about her and Natasha. Outside Parekh House, some goons attack Nayan Kataray. Naksh and Ishaan also join. Baa and ladies come outside and asks why Pakhi is so worried for him. Pakhi says she figured out the matter and brought him to confess the truth. Nayan tells Baa that she isn’t related to him anyway, Pakhi had rejected his friend’s request on social media site. He wanted to teach Pakhi a lesson by disgracing her. Naksh beats him further, Baa also slaps Nayan. Pakhi insults him even more, saying she wasn’t impressed by his photo in shorts like cheap people. Naksh was offensive as he wore shorts as well. Nayan joins his hands and apologizes everyone. Baa asks Pakhi; Janki tells Baa to forgive him since he has apologized. Any police case will even ruin Pakhi’s reputation. Pakhi warns Nayan not to cast an evil eye on any girl again. He runs away. Pakhi asks Baa if she can take her luggage back. Baa says there is something wrong for sure, there is always some trouble and Pakhi is always behind it. She only wish to get to the detail. Baa turns around and sends Mosmi to bring a lime water for her. Janki asks Pakhi if she took a wooden rod to get that man. Pakhi says she has Ayi’s blessings, and will never be hurt. Naksh jumps to Pakhi and asks what her problem with shorts is. Pakhi calls him crazy and insensitive and goes inside.

Natasha was irked and strikes arrows on a board with Pakhi’s photo held by Pinky. Aakash comes there and stops her drama. He reminds Natasha she just had a flop drama of Nayan Kataray. He shows her a few photos for PR. He selects some good shots and rejects the one with Pakhi, from the first day at shoot. Natasha gets an idea that they must connect Pakhi’s name with Natasha.

Rimjhim puts a full lemon in a glass of water and says Baa wanted Lemon water. Naksh and Pakhi suppress their laughter. Rimjhim asks if she did something wrong. Pakhi says some people are really insensitive and doesn’t care for anyone. Naksh explains to Rimjhim it was his mistake, he was even ready to forgive her but she never said sorry. Pakhi says it was all Naksh’s mistake, he was angry for no reason. He jumped into other’s matters and had his mood off, then not ready to apologize himself. It’s his mistake, not Pakhi’s. Rimjhim was sandwiched between their argument and goes to give limewater to Baa.

She tells them to publish this photo in each newspaper tomorrow, and show the connection between Natasha and Pakhi. Pinky says Janki already told him that their house lords are strict and won’t let them live in the house if any rules are broken. Natasha begins the arrow and board game.

The next morning, Pakhi gets a call from Natasha. Natasha says she only wanted to tell Pakhi she looks good in short dress. She let others enjoy the grace, and surely Pakhi’s old-school landlady must be happy to see her photo in the newspaper. Pakhi runs outside. Baa held the newspaper to Pakhi and says she had warned her to stay cautious. She fooled Naksh when he had earlier clicked her photo with this woman, now if she has some answer or not. Baa tells Pakhi to leave her house.

PRECAP: Mosmi tells Baa there was a robbery in the house. Everything was spoilt. Baa thinks about her trunk.

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