Hamari Bahu Silk 30th September 2019 Written Update

Hamari Bahu Silk 30th September 2019 Written Update by Sona

Hamari Bahu Silk 30th September 2019 Written Episode

Pakhi goes to the room and fights the kinner. She was hurt at her hand while the nurse reached her for help. Naksh hears Pakhi’s scream and comes to help. He holds the kinner and was concerned for Pakhi all at once. Ketan grabs the kinner by neck.

In the hall, Ketan and Naksh inquires the kinner who sent him here. The kinner points towards Pakhi. Pakhi inquires what he means. The kinner says his gang and boss was sent to jail because of Pakhi. He wanted to kill her, he came over at the day of her wedding but the poison medicines weren’t consumed by Pakhi ever. Baa tells them to call the police, but the kinner grabs a gun pointing it towards the family. He leaves.

In the room, Rimjhim speaks to Pakhi that she wanted to prove Rimjhim as the culprit. Now, the game is on Pakhi.

Everyone will always hold her responsible for Mosmi’s state. Mosmi is in comma and might not wake up anytime soon. Rimjhim tightly clutches Pakhi’s injured hand to hurt her further.
Downstairs, the police had arrived and investigated the matter. Naksh looks towards Pakhi’s bleeding hand. He stops her in the corridor upstairs and takes her to the room. Pakhi withdraws her hand as he tries to grip it. Naksh forcefully pulls it and clean the bruise, then applies the ointment. He turns to leave silently. Pakhi asks if he really hates her then why so much care. Naksh says she never questioned when she married him, then why now. After he has left, Pakhi thinks she will get the answers soon.

Afterwards, Baa gathers the family and announces she has kept a pooja at home. Their family has suffered a lot in past two days. She has decided that Pakhi and Naksh will sit in Pooja together, she doesn’t want an argument as it’s their family’s ritual. Ketan objects that Pakhi is responsible for Mosmi’s condition. Baa smiles and tells him to be sensible, she was the one to fight the goon kinner as well. Pakhi bends to take her blessings. Baa forbids Pakhi and clarifies that she won’t get the blessings. Her rules are in place, and rituals in place. Baa now calls Naksh forward. Rimjhim forwards her hand but Naksh puts it down. Baa smirks victoriously. Pandit ji begins the Pooja. Naksh was instructed to hold Pakhi’s hand and take flowers. They do the aarti together. Rimjhim was irked that Naksh is inclined towards Pakhi.

Pakhi recalls she got a call from Natasha. Natasha laughed at Pakhi’s condition. She asked Pakhi when she is coming for dubbing. Pakhi asked Natasha if she still thinks she will be there for dubbing. Natasha threatened to leak Baa’s video that’s still with her. Pakhi replied she will be there for dubbing. Janki had slapped Pakhi, and inquires if Pakhi is still thinking about the dubbing. Naksh also came to the room and announced she won’t go for dubbing. Pakhi wished she could tell them about Baa’s video, they won’t believe her. She asked if Naksh doesn’t consider her as his wife, why this restriction then. Naksh replied that Baa considers her a daughter in law; he will do the Pooja with Pakhi only for Baa’s happiness.

In the Pooja, Pakhi held the aarti thaal with Naksh. She at once leave the thaal in middle of pooja and runs outside. Rimjhim takes her place. Baa signals Rimjhim to leave the thaal.

Pakhi reaches Natasha’s apartment. Natasha inquires what’s going on, is there some fancy dress competition. Pakhi says she was just married and a newlywed bride wears such clothes for a few days. Natasha says Pakhi can’t get married after what she had said. Pakhi mocks Natasha and says those who love finds millions of ways and owns the world. She got married to Naksh two days ago. Natasha claims this Mangal Sooter and Sindoor is all lie. She tries to pull the Mangal Sooter but Pakhi stops her hand.

PRECAP: Pakhi tries to show Naksh a video as a proof to her innocence.

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